My Thanksgiving Tablescape

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You know its fall when the weather gets a little cooler, the sun rises a little later and when Mother Nature has been busy changing the colors on all of the leaves and decorating the world in copper, gold, red, purple and yellow.  Well, that means it’s time to get busy decorating the indoors too!! I always love bringing the colors of autumn into my home, and this year I decided to add a touch of elegance to my Thanksgiving tablescape doing so.


The whole inspiration began with the idea of incorporating gold and magnolia leaves into my home, and a wreath that I created with Barbara King at her shop, Valley Forge Florist.  Here is a picture of the wreath we made together (its now hanging on my front door). 



Video showing you how to make the perfect autumn wreath!


In my picture blog below, you’ll notice I changed the color of my walls in my dining room to a deep rich grey called “SealSkin” (Sherwin Williams) and popped gold accents throughout the room. 


I attached a homemade grapevine wreath to my chandelier using gold ribbon, and decorated the table using seasonal colors and motifs.  Instead of one large centerpiece, I created little vignettes that collectively work together, but can still be enjoyed from every angle of the table. 


I hope you enjoy the photos!



















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As always your designs are just exquisite.  It's looks like a whole different room. Just seeing your post makes me smile.  It's always such a joy when you share your work. Heart

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Beautiful, as always.

Those placemats! Had to have them. Found them at an online catalogue site. 

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Alberti, much appreciated,

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Your decor is special as always.  The pictures are beautiful.

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 Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful ideas, my favorite part of Thanksgiving and Christmas, next to family of course, is designing my dining room table each year.   The table should make you smile and yours most definitely does !!! God Bless Mary IMG_0340.JPG

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Alberti....your home is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations on such a great blessing . 

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So elegant, welcoming and very warm. I love the wall color accented with the white. You truly have a gift in decorating. You should decorate other people's homes on the side. I am sure you'd have tons of clients. Now...what's for dinner???
Thank you for sharing. I look forward to your posts. You give me lots of fantastic ideas. Thank you.
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This is everything I hoped for. Thank you for showing the underside of the chandelier. Also, the gold urns filled with boxwood balls - simple classic accents!  More of everything please😍  Your aesthetic is simple but the rich colors of the flowers with the deep walls - elegant! 

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Your tablescape and home is beautiful, I appreciate the love and warmth you put into entertaining your Guests. I really wish QVC mgmt wld allow you to hv a evening show, different frm the current lineup showcasing your entertaining prowess! I wld bet HGTV would love to have you or Food Channel, you simply have the right touch! your guests will be impressed as am I! Thank you for sharing your home with us! Xo 💞🐶🌷🎄
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Your home is beautiful Alberti and your table is just lovely! Your guests must feel so special when they come to share a holiday with you because of all the love you put into your decorating.


Happy Thanksgiving!!




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Love the wall color. It really makes the trim pop. The tablescape is elegant and masculine yet welcoming. Unique placemats, perfect for Thanksgiving. I am sure your guests will feel quite pampered. Well done!


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Absolutely elegant and beautiful!!!  Thanks for sharing.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

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Alberti............Would you mind sharing where you got your feathered placemats from.  Those are just beautiful.  I would love to have a set for my home.  We recently purchased a larger dining room table and I need to buy more placemats.  Thank you so much................absolutely love your decorating style.  Thanks for sharing.....Kathy

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Stunning Alberti!

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I love the new wall color.  It's stunning.


Can you come over to my house and work on my chandelier?   LOL.


I would love to have this in my dining room.



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Just beautiful! U do gorgeous work. Keep the videos coming. Ur taste is impeccable!
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Beautiful and my husband would love it also!!
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Your dining room and tablescape is gorgeous!  I love the deep earthy colors...very sophisticated yet welcoming at the same time!

I truly think you could write a book on entertaining and decorating!  I swear I will be the first in line for a copy!  Hope you seriously consider this in the near future! 

Thanks for sharing pictures of your beautiful home and ideas with us, Alberti!  Happy Thanksgiving! 


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LOVE the placemats!  Not sure whether they will go with my table runners though...  $7 from!12x96 Give Thanks Table Runner.jpg12x96 eatdrinkbethankful type.jpg

12x96 eatdrinkbethankful type.jpg


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Oh, Alberti !   Your decorations are stunning, as usual...  When you first came to QVC, I was impressed with you: your confidence, ease onscreen, charisma, impeccable fashion sense and grooming... And now we know your home is exquisitely appointed as well...  You are the total package !  If you find love, this 64 y/o baby boomer thinks your significant other will be very lucky indeed!  Thanks for sharing your photos...

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Thanks so much for sharing! I absolutely LOVE all your decorations, table scape and your beautiful wreath! Wow! I feel like I just looked at a Design Book. This makes me feel like it just comes naturally like you never even had to take a class for designing, it is a gift. So talented! And I must say whoever took these photos ahem, must have been you as well, takes wonderful pictures as well!. Again, many thanks for sharing and wishing you, family and friends a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!

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Absolutely breathtaking! Thank you for sharing with the rest of us. I can't think why the Q isn't giving you a decorating show of your own each season. It would be a real hit, I believe.

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Everything is beautiful. I looked back at prior blogs you had posted of your dining room on other holidays (that were all so creative and welcoming), because something seemed different. The new wall color is fantastic. It reallly makes an impact without looking too dark. I love it! Your hospitality is evident with the attention you give to your home and food. I'm sure your guests appreciate an invitation to your home.


Thanks for sharing. 

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Alberti your table is elegant.


Some of the people were asking about your Place Mats.


I just wanted to say, I found some similiar on Amazon.


They are called:

Pheasant Feather Decorative Tablemats (set of 6)
by TC



I just ordered mine. 

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Oh Alberti it is breathtaking!!!! Is there anything you are not good at?  I love to decorate although my health the last few years has kept that to a minimum.  My esthetic is very modern but I always seem to throw in something quirky or sentimental or something from my childhood in there.  So I guess that would make me a bit modern eclectic!  I love watching you present beauty, clothing and jewelry.  You have better taste than most anyone I know. I know you have your hands full with the BIG NEW CHANNEL, but maybe next year we could have some Decorating with Alberti shows for Christmas. I would love for the pups to be included (items). We have a lack of holiday themed items for our fur babies here at the Q.  Keep up the great work ALBERTI!  You make me happy!!!   

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Dear Alberti,

Just saw your pictures and they are gorgeous.  That wreath you decorated with Barbara King is beautiful.  Just looking at some of the rooms in your home, makes me pause.  It is Simple Chic to the highest.  so very pretty.  God Bless and keep the photos coming...