My Recent Trip to Dubai {Part 1}

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Back in 2011, I took a trip to Dubai that didn't turn out so well.  We traveled over New Years which we learned is a peak time for tourists so the city was crowded and hard to maneuver plus I got extremely ill.  Since then I always wished we could get a do over.  Well earlier this year the opportunity presented itself.  My husband's best friend invited us to join him and his wife on a trip to Dubai to celebrate their anniversary.  We enjoy hanging out with them and we wanted a re-do of Dubai so we figured why not?  This trip we planned to do all the things we missed out on the first time and to revisit some favorite sights.  Number one on my husband's to do list was a desert safari. 




The safari started with a one hour drive out into the middle of nowhere in the desert.  The vehicles were outfitted with roll bars and I quickly learned why.  Our tour guide took us dune bashing which is a wild rollercoaster ride over the sand dunes.  I'm a thrill seeker so for me it was my favorite part of the safari. 







This Mission Cooling Towel (also our 5/26 Today's Special Valie) helped keep me cool out there and helped keep the sand out of my face! 






Next we visited a camel farm where camels are raised for racing, for transportation and for milk. 




Finally we were dropped off at a desert camp where they had sand boarding (just like snow boarding but in the sand), camel rides, henna tattoos, bellydancing and a barbeque.  It was a unique experience and we got some awesome pictures out of it. 







I had Henna done on one small part of my hand.  (yes, it's temporary!)





The sunset out there was gorgeous!




Wasn't that fun?  A big key to keeping cool out there was my Mission Cooling Towel (around my neck). 


Part 2 >>> Nights Out + Daily Activites 


Safe Traveling!