My Q&A with Josie!

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If, like me, you’ve ever wondered where Josie draws her inspiration for some of her most dreamy scents you should read our interview below! We made two delicious summer-ready recipes together this week, inspired by brand-new scents she’s dreamed up for her Josie Maran Cosmetics line! After our culinary adventures, Josie and I sat down with coffee and a slice of Cherry Cheesecake Pie to chat about travel, motherhood, her career as a model, and of course we can’t stray too far from her favorite topic - food!




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AK:  Where’s your favorite place you’ve ever visited?

JM:  Bali. It’s beautiful, sensual and has the most magnificent turquoise ocean! The Balinese people are so loving and welcoming.


AK:  What’s your personal favorite body butter scent?

JM:  I can’t get enough of our new Creamsicle scent! It smells 100% like the real thing! I grew up eating Creamsicles so this was a joy to develop and bring to my Argan Beauties!


AK:  What’s your favorite summertime dessert?

JM:  My daughter Indi and I both love Vanilla Bean ice cream. I just had the most delicious dessert in West Chester where I have my farmhouse, it’s called an ‘affogato,’ - vanilla bean ice cream drizzled with strong espresso. We’ll definitely be whippin up this new dessert idea this summer!


AK:  What do you think is the most awesome thing about being a woman?

JM:  Women represent the love and beauty on our planet! We are in charge of creating, nurturing and loving. I am so honored and proud to be a women especially in this day and age when women are able to be strong and sensual at the same time.


AK:  What makes you feel beautiful?

JM:  I feel beautiful when I am whole, peaceful, and full of life.


AK:  What do you hope your daughters will learn from you?

JM:  I want them to learn that it’s good to make mistakes and to learn from them! I want them to keep taking risks and exploring their hearts so that they live passionately and fully everyday.


AK:  What was the most fun modeling job you’ve ever had?

JM:  That’s a tough question! I can tell you about the scariest! I was modeling with Siegfried and Roy’s majestic white tigers in Vegas for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. While we were filming, one of the tigers took a swipe at me! Luckily I was close to the pool, so I jumped in and escaped! He could have taken me out with just one swipe!


AK:  What was the best acting job you’ve ever had?

JM:  It was always my dream to one day work with Martin Scorsese. I got the chance to work with him and Leo DiCaprio on ‘The Aviator’ - it was an incredible experience and a dream come true!


AK:  What is the most challenging aspect of being a working mom? What is the most rewarding?

JM:  Finding the balance between work, play and being a good mom is definitely a challenge. I know that I am not the best mom if I don’t fill my own cup so I’ve learned to create time to nurture my dreams an passions so I can nurture my family. The most rewarding and wonderful part of being a mom is seeing life through their eyes - I get to see through their magical lens that we all come into the world with and I feel so refreshed and renewed.


AK:  What’s the inspiration behind your newest collection of body butters?

JM:  I envisioned an old fashioned creamery – and the delicious feelings I used to get when seeing all the different flavors! I’d always wished I could try every flavor so I designed this collection to offer all the amazing body butter flavors in one box!! I wanted to offer the ‘best of the my flavors’ along with some fun new flavors. Just wait till you get to try our Cherry Pie and Creamsicle!


AK:  Who would this creamery collection be a good gift for?

JM:  Ummm, everyone?! Haha! This is the perfect gift for someone who can’t pick one favorite flavor and is excited to get a whole selection of goodness!


by beauty lucy
on ‎05-10-2016 04:43 PM

Wow great interview, I never knew Josie worked with Leonardo Dicaprio and Martin Scorsese in the Aviator .   I so look forward when Josie is on QVC not only for the Argan Oil and all the products but for her wonderful spirit of happiness and fun that she shows us when telling us all about her products.  I love that she has fun.   I think I have all her products now but its never enough for me , i want more.  I am pleased with everything Josie comes out with,    Thank you Adriane for a great interview, you are so beautiful and i love when you fill in for Josie too , you do a great job.  God Bless both you ladies and i look forward to the creamery collection.

on ‎05-10-2016 08:34 PM

Josie has done so many exciting things and seen so much in her travels. Just think of all the scents she will whip up for us.

on ‎05-10-2016 10:54 PM

OMG--where can I find the creamsicle scent?!  Can't find it here or on her website!!

by 3DogMomma
on ‎05-10-2016 11:20 PM

Great interview! Thank you for sharing with us. I love your products, Josie! You are my favorite...don't ever stop creating <3

by Zepp
on ‎05-13-2016 09:53 PM

Great interview.  I love Josie and use/have almost all her products.  Her products have knocked off about 15 years not only on my face but on my body.  I use argan oil daily head to toe, appling a few drops while I am still wet.  Once I am out of the shower and lightly pat dry, I apply a body butter, I have many and many favorites.  For my face my two favorite products that have made a world of difference are the Argan Milk and Nirvana O M G!  Love her darker lip balms, they stick to my cheeks and stay.  I thought it was just me, then I heard a host say her powder blush would not stick to the right side of her face so she uses the balms and the coconut gelee.   Well they both work haven't had a problem since. I am so grateful God introduced you to this wonderful product to share with all of us.  Thank you Josie and thank you for keeping it chemical free.  I am a very happy 64 year old who is always told she looks 48.  I too love watching you on air, you are fun and funny, a breath of fresh air!!   Looking forward to seeing you tonight at 9pm my time XO #BigTimeArganLover.

on ‎05-14-2016 02:29 PM

 I was wondering about Josie's hair today. I was wondering if there was a reason for it? She is a beautiful woman no matter what color her hair is.

by plunkie
on ‎02-19-2017 05:03 PM

Hi Josie


Love your products. I have a question however. I brought the si little mask set. I used one of them, when I went to try a differnt one it was dried out. How can I revive it. Tried adding Argan oil loosen up. Do you have suggestions Thank you in advance for reply.

by Estellalynn
on ‎07-27-2017 05:47 PM
Love your products but this question is in reference to a necklace you wear frequently which I love. It's similar to Ippolita Lollipop collection and is either rose or yellow gold round bezel set gem necklace. Please let me know where you purchased and what the gemstone is in the circle. It's beautiful. Thank you! IMG_0192.jpeg