My New Home Renovation

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Hi everyone! Long time no blog ๐Ÿ˜€. I hope you are having a wonderful start to the fall season!  While you're out enjoying your pumpkin spiced lattes and decadent apple treats, would you mind bringing over some to me and my sweet hubby?! We're knee-deep in renovations and do-it-yourself projects. 


If you haven't heard me mention on-air, Aaron and I bought a new house... And it's a doozy! It's a complete renovation in terms of paint, electric, landscaping... But we are humbly trying to love every second of it. It's hard work and in the days of HGTV I want to snap my fingers and have it completed in under an hour... But as you'll see we're a little behind schedule.


This is where we started. If you can believe it, the walls, molding, spindles, railing and everything was painted red. RED.  As you can imagine... This was incredibly time-consuming paint project. We also had lavender, turquoise, gold, and pink walls.









If you're thinking of redoing your kitchen.. Consider keeping your cabinets if the layout is not an issue. We took our cherry cabinets from heavy and dated to shabby chic. After the linen white was painted on the cabinets we accented them, distressing it the same color as the island.


Tip:  if you're going the paint route, use a sprayer not a brush. The consistency and texture makes all the difference in the world.







Guest bathroom with 30 years of The New Yorker covers- were not touching this. Cool, Right?!









Stay tuned for more updates... I'll post them as I can! 




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After surviving several rehabs - I am glad I am too old to do another.   It is a lot of work - and once you finish - you get hat feeling you want to move onto a new project.  


Is the foyer hot pink or red or burgandy ?  


Have fun and enjoy the process.  It is very rewarding.

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Courtney and Aaron, have fun with the renovations and ,

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by SGoodwin
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Looking good.  Hope you gained closet space.  You will be so proud when finished.  Looking forward to the final touches.  By the way, love the dining room chandelier.

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I'm overwhelmed just viewing your pics.  Better thee than me!  Those days are over and I am living my bliss enjoying home sweet home.

by IamQueenie
on โ€Ž09-24-2016 08:13 PM

Courtney & Aaron, I love it all~!  Glad you kept the red banister.  The dining room's beautiful with the color, chandelier and sconces!  So many windows!!  Your kitchen is dreamy!!  So happy for you!  Thanksgiving will be a party at the Graves'~!  Oh, and good luck keeping the cats off the counter.  Especially with those large windows beckoning them!  Love the black/white floor.  Chic vintage.  And, I love the photo with Winston looking at you and Millie looking at him.  Great shot.  Great home, Courtney!!  Can tell it's in Town.  ;-)  Sure it's a cool neighborhood.  Thank you, for this blog!!  Like the tips, too.  Keep having fun!!!  Remember that there's no rush to perfection.  xo!

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Is that a glass of red wine I spied?  Good luck - what a beautiful home!  May your years there be happy ones!

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I applaud you and Aaron for doing this renovation! It will be beautiful!  It seems to me that today most people just want "move in ready".  You are doing what my husband and I did years ago......look beyond decorating and have a vision to make it your own if you like the house.  Good for you both!!!!  Patience and determination!  Best Wishes and Congratulations on your home!

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Wow your after pictures are really good! That red oy what were they thinking lol but I agree with you on the new yorker wall paper it's beaitiful Smiley Happy and girl your shoes Heart

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You are right, The New Yorker covers must stay......what a conversation piece. Love the dining room chandelier, it makes the room. Please keep posting, want to see the finished product.

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Wowee Courtney........your new home is beautiful, albeit a bit colorful.  Just think of what a show place it will be when you are done.  What an undertaking you and Aaron have committed yourselves to, but at the end of it, you will be able to sit back and relish in all your endeavors and hard work.  Please keep posting the progress of the renovations.  Love the grandeur of all the rooms, stained glass windows, etc.  The bannister on the stairway is gorgeous, however, I have to agree that whoever painted it red made a bit of a mis-judgement there.  Hopefully with the love and attention you are going to give it, it will be restored to its' original beauty.  Keep up the good work and kudos to you both for taking on such a challenge. 

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What a challenge but what fun to renovate together. My husband and I have done several and it was very rewarding. It takes special people to live with the chaos but the results are worth it and no move In ready house could ever be as lovely and personal as the one you do yourself.


Now about that shoe shelf...definitely inspiring me lol!


Have fun and remember perfection is boring anyway, enjoy the process!

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Better you than me  LOL


What a job you are undertaking.  It looks beautiful though.  Love your backsplash and your light fixtures. 

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Wow, what an enormous project you have facing you!  The changes you have made so far look very nice.  It will be fun to see your pictures once your home is restored.

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I love your New Yorker magazine bathroom.  Many years ago, friends had a  powder room papered with Life magazine covers.  Several couples would have potlucks at their house and we would often talk about various magazine covers we had noticed.  We were kind of surprised that the men were talking about ones that were totally different from the womens' --until we realized we were facing opposite directions!  This looks like a great house with a lot of character. Enjoy!

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Wow Courtney...hang in there...been there done that several times...lots of work, and tough living through'll have your days where you wished you bought an all done home!!!  Your home is going to be gorgeous, loads of character....good luck๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

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I love your house...just gorgeous!  It looks like a huge undertaking but will be so worth it when finished!

I agree with others...please keep giving us updates as I would love to see your house as you continue to progress!

I wish I could talk my husband into something like this, but he's a move-in ready kinda guy!

I admire you and your husband's ambition to take this on....looks like you two clearly know what you're doing!!  Look out "Property Brothers" and "Flip or Flop" and "Fixer Upper"....these shows ain't got nothin' on you!!!!!    

on โ€Ž09-26-2016 02:45 PM
Pretty house with lots of potential. Can't wait to see the photos when the work is completed. Much happiness for you and Aaron in your new home.
by cookie0614
on โ€Ž09-26-2016 04:57 PM

God bless you for taking on such a big project, hard work always pays off. 


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Love, love, love the bones of this house : )  Wishing you and Aaron many years of health and happiness in your new home!!  "The New Yorker" bathroom is to die for ~ LOVE IT!!

Jealous of your shoe closet : )

on โ€Ž09-27-2016 08:23 AM

Is that a bar set up in your main foyer?  Bring on the wine!

by WVwildflower
on โ€Ž09-27-2016 10:15 AM

Wow!  The house will be fabulous when you are done!!  What a project -- GOD BLESS.  What year was the home built?  I LOVE your light in the DINING ROOM and your shoe collection is - as they say - to die for.  OMG.  I can no longer wear those tall, sexy shoes so enjoy them now; that being said - you will (most likely) pay for wearing them when you are but true.  Best of luck -- looks like you and hubbyare doing a great job -- so many decisions...very stressful.  Good call on keeping the New Yorker Covers (so not *everything* the previous owners did was  

by Kar4U
on โ€Ž09-27-2016 05:59 PM
OMG...what a job u have before you. So far a great job redoing to your taste. I believe the old house u lived in before u also renovated! I'm sitting here while painters are finishing up my place. I am having trouble with the mess. Kudos to you and hubby. I love your new home. I especially like the chandelier in your dining room, your kitchen, the magazine covers, and girrrrl all your shoes! Good luck and keep posting!
on โ€Ž09-30-2016 07:51 AM

New Yorker covers--fabulous


I am in the process of re-doing my kitchen and linen white is in the running as a color too



I love a red wall but a whole house, not so much :-)

on โ€Ž09-30-2016 04:26 PM

Best wishes in your new home. Love it. Still laughing at kathnem's comment!



by troolyblessd
on โ€Ž10-03-2016 02:12 PM

Looks like an amazing home with LOTS of character.  How exciting!  I love it!  Please share the paint and colors you used on the walls and cabinetry.  We are in the process of some renovations and I really ike the colors you chose!  The chandelier and sconces are absolutely stunning!  Good luck with the rest and keep us posted!  Smiley Happy

by rdhds
on โ€Ž10-04-2016 11:38 PM

Please share your paint color choices!  Love them!  

by Reluctant
on โ€Ž10-11-2016 01:33 PM

Incredible. What a tasteful redo. Inspiring.

by Kick
on โ€Ž10-19-2016 11:55 AM

It's beautiful!!! I love the mini bar, the bathroom wall, the light in the dining room, the kitchen island, and mostly the closet!!! I love the green in the dining room. I pained my dining room that pretty green in the house I had with my ex-husband. Keep on keeping us updated  through the process. It's already gorgeous!