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Been tinkering around the house. I love redecorating by just repositioning things i already own. (Um, and also buying new .. Like from QVC. Just saying 😊) mom n dad just visited so I kept Pop Pop busy w chores, fixes, and drills. And Joe had the joyous task of unwrapping and assembling our new patio furniture from Scott Living.


One thing led to another and next thing u know, a Top Ten list of the latest decor happenings at Chez Shawn & Joe.


#10 Porch plants!

No they aren't real. Yes I think they look real. No not all of my friends agree. Yes I think they are crazy. Who wants to be saddled w watering plants when life is busy and often we r out of town. These are Old school Bethlehem Lights from years ago. But if you're feeling me, check out Nearly Natural from Qvc.



#9 Dress The Door!

No this wreath is not from QVC. But the magic hooks that it's hanging from, are. I'm obsessed. I seriously look for things to use magic hooks for. (Ps when it comes to wreathes I think bigger is better. A wreath too small looks dinky. I love the sunflower wreath on QVC, it's one of biggest we sell. And for the right space even though it's smaller, the carrot raffia wreath is killing me. Translation: awesome.)



 #8 The Frame Game!

My mom is a decorator and I've learned a lot of tricks from her over years. Plus I love inventive and quirky approaches to decor. The center picture was 25$ from a flea market. The big outer frame was $10 from a sample sale at Qvc (must have been an old set prop) hanging them inside each other adds a little drama.



#7 Wordsmithing!

I love words. In foreign languages. On scrolls. Written on mirrors. It's why I've always love the ED on Air metal marquee letters. High end stores charge a fortune for framed subway word signs. This is a scroll I bought online at a discount store. And yes I realize I hung something that says my dining room. Same difference. Both involve food. Highly recommend you check out the cool new room word wall decals we sell called 'Roomates' for a similar look.



#6 The Scott Brothers Strike!

My new patio set. Because it was time to retire the plastic Adirondack chairs from a drug store. Oh and those lanterns, theirs too! (Does this mean I can technically say Drew and Jonathan hang out on my patio all the time? I'm gonna go w/ yes.)



#5 Flower Power

I kill plants. Orchids particularly. It's a sin. But this one is special to me and I'm determined to keep it alive. A good friend gave it to me. If u have any tips for how often to water or what to do please share!! (I'll be crushed if I kill this one too. I have already willed two orchids to old neighbors who had to rescue them from my clutches at the last second before their fate in flower heaven was sealed.)



#4 Lantern, oh Lantern!

Forgot to show u these. Home Reflections. topten0519_4.jpg


#3 Alexa!

Do u have an Amazon Echo? It's like a Toy for adults. A friend who is smarter than you and always there. Mine just took up residence in my kitchen. When pigs occasionally fly and I attempt to cook, Alexa helps me master figuring out how many tablespoons of butter are in a stick.



#2 Wall of Fame

Added a new Joe & shawn portrait to the stairs. Has joined my chicken finger painting circa 3 yrs old. I never have enough table top space for family photos. So the stairwell is our spot.



#1 Biker Babe

I have been riding this for an hour straight everyday for 3 weeks. And I actually love it. 43 was not a good year for me 😊 it's when my body officially realized it's not 30 something anymore. So I get on and drip sweat and pedal everyday. It's not like pounds are falling off me (that requires locking up the wine) or my butt is tight like an Olympians (never gonna happen..ever..). But I feel less like a complaining whining self-shaming FITNESS cry baby now that I'm actually attempting to be active and have something that's easy and doesn't require me to extend much effort. (Joe keeps telling me I should switch up, lift weights, do something else. Hold on turbo!! Baby steps. Routine is everything for me. And right now all I have to do is walk down my hall and climb on. I started exercising. I didn't say I had a complete lobotomy.



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