My 40th High School Reunion

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Ahh…high school…. What great memories I have of that time in my life!  Everything was brand new and all things were possible.  Recently, I went back home to Minnesota to reminisce about those days with my old school friends at our 40th Reunion. 


When I received the invitation in the mail, it stunned me - I had not even stopped to think that it had been 40 years since 1977!!! I had not been to a reunion since my 20th. After my car accident last year, I am much more aware how precious life is and to live it to the fullest, so I decided to go.



I know I'm back in my hometown of middle MN when the farm equipment takes up the entire lane. 


So I traveled to Long Prairie, MN, one Friday after I got off work.  There was one of my close friends from HS, Kris, that couldn't attend the reunion, so I met her for breakfast Sat morn, and we could have talked all day, but we had to cut it off after 1-1/2 hrs. It was a great start to the day!



Kris and me at breakfast


In a small town of 2-3k people, they heard I was coming home and asked if I would be part of raising money for the senior citizen center in town, and of course, I said 'yes'! 




While there I saw two of my former teachers, the woman who owned the local bowling alley when I had won the Jr. League bowling trophy in HS, and mothers of friends of mine, so it was very special to see them again, and I believe they raised more than $1,400!




One of my teachers, Mrs. Munson, and I had her husband as my biology teacher, too!




Mrs. Morgan, my 5th grade teacher, and her husband was also one of my history teachers in HS


Then off to the reunion. It was held at a local restaurant called ThunderLodge, and it was nonstop talking for 3+ hrs.   It was great to catch up with friends about their spouses and children, jobs and where they had moved to, etc. It was also emotional to learn of some divorces, wayward children, parents passing away, etc.  But a lot of them have stayed living in the area or moved back to our hometown, because we all agree that we were blessed to have grown up in a small Midwest town in MN, where life was simple and safe.  I'm so glad I went and got to be face to face with those who had a profound influence on my life while growing up, and I am better for having seen them again after all these years!!


Here are a few of my friends:




Audrey and Judy




Barb and Pam 




George, the only guy who ever asked me to prom, and I couldn't go. Smiley Sad





David, my boyfriend in 5th grade!






Patty and Patty


Some of you wondered what I would wear...dress attire was pretty casual, but I wore a Susan Graver skort which is currently sold out but she has others to choose from, and then a white tank top from Susan, A231520, with a little cardigan over it from our former Liz Claiborne collection. My crossbody handbag as a Dooney & Bourke which I

purchased last year, and it was the perfect size.


So I hope whenever you have the opportunity to see friends from your past that you will

take advantage of reconnecting with them, because after all, what's more important in life than the relationships we have with loved ones and friends!!


God bless each and every one of you, my friends!!