Meet the Parents

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Even though we were in London for a full week, the two nights leading up to the wedding were highly significant! We hadn't had a chance to meet Alice's parents until Thursday night before the wedding. They invited us to their home for dinner and welcomed us with open arms!


Alice's Parents: Paul and Lisa



Alice's Mum, Lisa, is a teacher and a tutor, so she is kind, gracious, nurturing and very hospitable. Lisa and I hit it off immediately. We have a few things in common: we are both blonde, similar in age, love to cook and bake, we both have been married about the same amount of years, and we both love the Lord! What more could we want?


Just like Alice, Lisa is lovely inside AND out, and I know I will love being friends with her for the rest of my life!



Alice's Dad, Paul, has his own printing business. He, like Lisa, was raised in the London area, but his family is from Trinidad. Paul is very friendly and loves to laugh. He exudes joy when you talk to him. He and Mark really enjoyed their conversations, and I can tell that they, too, will be friends for life!



Lisa showed us pictures of Alice as a baby and her growing up years. It just gave us a better idea of Alice's background and perhaps what a "little Alice" may look like someday years from now!


I know that in-laws and mother-in-laws get a bad rap and a negative connotation, but after meeting Alice's family, including her younger brother, David, 19, we are thrilled with our new family members across the pond!  Even Elizabeth said, "I love my new siblings!"


Lisa and David



David and Elizabeth







Counting our blessings, 
Mary Beth Roe