Meet My New Puppy, Gus!

by on ‎04-16-2017 08:00 PM

In early February I lost my beloved fox terrier Roscoe. He was 13 and the best companion a guy could ask for. I was heartbroken.


I made a call to the wonderful woman who brought Roscoe into my life, Winnie Stout, to inform her of our loss. Winnie was as sad as I was. She has been raising champion smooth fox terriers since the 1950’s and Roscoe was one of her favorites….


I told Winnie that we would talk at the end of summer, as I was sure I would want time to think about a new pup. To my surprise, Winnie said she had a three male puppies in her kennel and “I must say, they are quite adorable!” She then mentioned that the new pups were from the same line of foxes as my Roscoe was. That sealed the deal.


It was like Roscoe had sent me a new pal. Two days later, I was on a plane to Orlando to meet Gus!




Say hello to Gustavo Brandywine Boy (his official American Kennel Club registered name!!) but we call him just plain GUS!


He is a wonderful sweet puppy. If you are not familiar with the smooths (as they are called) they are typical terriers: energetic, full of fun and wicked smart!! He loves his new home in Pennsylvania and he has also taken to NYC really well.









What can I say, the dog’s got style!


We are working with a dog trainer in NYC (the very same woman who helped us train Roscoe as a pup!) and he’s already mastered sit, stay and “leave it!”. (Working on “drop it!” for our time spent on the streets of NYC!!) Not bad for 4 months old! And I am happy to report we are 99% there with the house training, too!! And he has already gained 3 pounds!!



Playing with his cousin, Bailey.


I will be sure to post lots of pictures on Facebook and Instagram of his progress and development. Follow me there if you aren’t already!



Getting big!



I'll always have the most special place in my heart for my Roscoe…



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on ‎04-16-2017 08:17 PM

Shedding a tear for Roscoe : (

Gus is adorable ~~~ love his little puppy paws!!

Thanks for sharing the pictures ~ will look forward to more as he grows : ) 

on ‎04-16-2017 08:21 PM

So cute and adotable Smiley Happy !!

on ‎04-16-2017 08:34 PM

I think I would have called him "lightening".  Guess why?  You've got a cute one, David, hope you have many happy years together. 

on ‎04-16-2017 08:42 PM

Thank you for sharing with us.  I sat looking at the pictures with smiles on my face.  My daughter just adopted a puppy mutt in Denver.  Her puppy (Luna) leads quite the life.  She's already taught her all of the commands.  If you know anything about Denver, you know how important dogs are to these people!  Ha!  She takes Luna everywhere.  She just bought her a new life saving vest.  My daughter likes to paddleboard and plans to teach Luna to sit on the board.  She also fishes from the paddleboard (I want to see Luna keep quiet....Ha!).  This dog (like your beloved puppy has jackets for hiking and already goes on 5 mile hikes in the snow!


I don't have dogs, but I do have two wonderful cats (one thinks he's a dog).  He drives me crazy, but I can't even explain how much I love him.


Thanks again for the pictures.  They show on lucky puppy and one individual who deserves all the love that puppy can give....take care...Linda/Annabellethecat.

‎04-16-2017 08:42 PM - edited ‎04-16-2017 08:45 PM

Oh David~  This is wonderful news. it is so very hard when we lose our babies. Yes babies-- as they rely on us for everything @ 13 weeks or 13 years. Then you realize just how much you relied on Roscoe. He was a very special boy-- your heart & soul connection. So I think he definitely had a hand/paw in you bringing Gus home. You've opened your heart again and you've got lots of love to give. May you have many moments or signs from Roscoe to remind you that he's always with you...and very proud that you shared his love with Gus. And I hope that you have many, many loving years with your handsome guy Gus. In the pictures, he is Hollywood

handsome :-)  Thank you for sharing! kc

on ‎04-16-2017 08:44 PM

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on ‎04-16-2017 08:50 PM

Wishing you many happy years with the adorable Gus!

on ‎04-16-2017 08:53 PM

Oh David~  This is wonderful news! I am so very sorry to hear about your baby Roscoe. Babies @ 13 weeks or 13 years as they rely on you for everything. Then you realize how much you rely on them. It must be very hard without Roscoe. He was your heart & soul. But I think he had a hand or paw in you bringing Gus home. You're sharing his love with Gus. I hope that you have many moments & signs from Roscoe. He is most proud. And I wish you many, many loving years with Gus. From the pictures, he is Hollywood handsome :-) Thank you so much for sharing~ kc

on ‎04-16-2017 09:18 PM

I see how happy you are with Gus, he is wicked cute. When I lost my love of my life dog Jasmine in 2008 I to found "the puppy" in much the same way. I was on a plane from Florida to Michigan to pick up my new baby "Halo", on her pedigree I named her "Jasmine's Heavenly Tiny Dancer" because she seemed to know, just like Jasmine, my personality and how to comfort me. We are still together today. I felt like somehow Jasmine helped guide me to her. This is awesome! enjoy. I know your Roscoe wants you to be happy so you got your little Gus!

on ‎04-16-2017 09:49 PM

David......You and Gus.....It was meant to be.  What a little heart warmer!

on ‎04-16-2017 09:59 PM


Such a coincidence as I lost my smooth fox late January after 13 years.  He was one of Winnie's too.  I saw she has moved from R I to Cocoa and has some pups.  I am just not sure I am ready to talk with her yet.  I wish you lots of happy years with Gus. 


on ‎04-16-2017 11:22 PM

David, so sorry to hear about Roscoe. Gus is sooo cute. Please post pics of Gus often. I know we will hear about Gus often on your shows. Got to love our fur babies.  

on ‎04-17-2017 12:02 AM

Thank you for the wonderful photos of Gus.  I'm sure he'll help to heal your heart with time.  I admit the last photo of you with Roscoe brought tears to my eyes.  I think all of us posting here know what it is to lose a beloved furbaby.  They are such a part of our lives and leave such a void when we lose them.  I wish you many years of fun with Gus.  He looks so happy and will clearly have a wonderful, loving home with you.

on ‎04-17-2017 03:00 AM

David,  from one dog lover to another:


I am so happy for you and your new puppy, Gus.  I know how hard it is to lose a beloved

family member. 

on ‎04-17-2017 07:56 AM

Thank you for sharing Roscoe and now Gus with us. Your post made me smile. I look toward to many more pictures. 


on ‎04-17-2017 08:54 AM

 Hi David!


Best wishes to you and your new friend.   I know it's so hard to lose our pets, they are certainly a big part of the family.

You always have the memories and Gus will help you heal for sure!!    Thank you for posting the adorable pictures.


Love to watch you on QVC.

on ‎04-17-2017 10:57 AM

David, I have owned dogs for more than 30 years, and I have to say that Gus is one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen and that's including my own!   His markings are just adorable - and so unusual.   What great timing it was too, and very special that he is related to Roscoe.  Even though you will always grieve for Roscoe, there is nothing as effective to help soothe the acute grief of losing a dog than having another one to care for.  Gus is a lucky boy, receiving such a fantastic home that you will be providing for him.  


By the way, as a dog owner myself, I've seen "that look" from the tennis ball photo so many times. Too cute!


Congratulations on having a new member in your family.  

on ‎04-17-2017 11:13 AM

Love the smooths-so much energy!  Congratulations.

on ‎04-17-2017 11:24 AM

Hi David,  Gus is so cute !!  Enjoy your fun and very  busy summer with him.

I 'm sure Roscoe is very happy for you too !!

on ‎04-17-2017 11:37 AM

Love following Gus on Instagram. What a blessing, and I feel in my heart that Roscoe sent him to you as balm for your broken hearts. God bless you for your love for animals. I must admit, I shed a tear for Roscoe when I saw your beautiful post. He brought smiles to all who follow you. What a privilege to share in the lives of these sweet dogs on Instagram, FB and QVC. Thank you! Judy Finnegan-Geist


on ‎04-17-2017 12:39 PM
Oh my goodness, Mr. Dangle, I used to show and breed Smooths back in the 90's, and Winnie Stout was a force in the breed then, so I am thrilled to know she's still breeding! And your new pup is a sterling example of the breed, will you be showing him? If so, I wish you luck and specialty majors on the way to Gus' championship!
on ‎04-17-2017 01:31 PM

Sending that tummy a big kiss!

on ‎04-17-2017 05:25 PM

I know you and Gus will have many happy adventures together.  Thank you for sharing the photos.

on ‎04-17-2017 05:51 PM

Hi David. I have experienced the heartbreak of losing a number of pets over the years and I feel your pain. May your beloved Roscoe rest in peace. One pet can never replace another but I know that you are already in love with Gus and that love will continue to grow. Wishing you all the best. You are a true gentleman.

on ‎04-17-2017 06:44 PM

Thank you for sharing your story, David.  I'm so sorry for your loss, but so happy that you found Gus.  It sounds like it was meant to be.  His markings are just beautiful - he's adorable!  Wishing you many happy years with your new companion.  Heart

on ‎04-17-2017 10:08 PM
David, I'm so sorry about Roscoe. There is nothing like the Love ❤️ of a Terrier!! I am still grieving my little terrier mix that passed away a year and a half ago. He was my bottle-fed baby and more like a child than a pet. Stanley (in photo) is my year old Brussels Griffon. What a trip he's been! I know you will miss Roscoe, but will be loving your new, adorable baby each step of the way.
on ‎04-17-2017 11:19 PM

I have so enjoyed all of your posts of Roscoe over the years- he certainly led a charmed life with you & it's obvious you loved him so & will miss him terribly.  I'm so very glad he led you to this gorgeous Gus who will fill the ache in your heart with much happiness for years to come.  Congrats!  I'm looking forward to many pictures of him.  He's beautiful & seems to have quite a personality already!

on ‎04-18-2017 12:28 AM

A new puppy to love! Congratulations!!!!

on ‎04-18-2017 12:29 AM


My sympathies to you on the loss of your sweet Roscoe. We've all been there, it is the hardest thing to go through when we lose our beloved furchildren.  They bring so much to our lives and when they leave us, the heartache is unbearable! 

Your Gus is a cutie, indeed.  Love the picture of him with the necktie!  With your wonderful sense for fashion, I am sure he will be the best dressed dog in your town!  May he bring you all the same love, laughter and joy that Roscoe brought you.  We never forget any of our furbabies...their spirit lives on in our hearts!

Congratulations, David, and keep up the good work on the Q!  

on ‎04-18-2017 06:43 AM

The new dog is very cute.  Maybe you can adopt a shelter dog too.

on ‎04-18-2017 01:41 PM

David, I love Gus!  He is adorable and so cuddly and cute and all that!  I love his tie and he looks very happy and comfortable with you.  Roscoe will always be in your heart and you are right,   Roscoe did send Gus to you.  He is looking out for the both of you.  God Bless your new little puppy Gus.  I so want to come to your house and hug and kiss Gus.  I'll bring treats and toys too!  Love you David!  

on ‎04-18-2017 02:45 PM

OMG I love that dog, how wonderful you found another forever bff. Lucky dog.

on ‎04-18-2017 04:22 PM

I feel your pain. I'm certain Roscoe sent Gus to you. I believe it's our departed furbaby's way of letting us know they're still watching over us and loving us. And, to thank us for being a special Mommy or Daddy, they pick a very special furbaby to come into our life and into our broken heart. That's a very special thank you from your beloved Roscoe.Heart

on ‎04-18-2017 05:18 PM

Hi David, When my lhasa apso died 8-1/2 yrs ago, I immediately went on-line and found a woman's website. She lives 3 hours from my house in Oxnard, CA - and she raises lhasas. She had several lhasas available and they were only 4 weeks old. So - I had to wait another month until she and her husband drove to my house with my sweet, beautiful lhasa named Kivah (Hebrew name meaning "to protect and shelter"). She protects me and I shelter her. The only way to get thru the grief of losing a pet - is to get another. Kivah brings me so much joy and love - nothin' like a dog. Enjoy Gus -- he's sooooo cute. He must be Italian with the name Gustavo - so u may need to feed him some pasta!!!!!!

on ‎04-18-2017 07:16 PM

Gus is beautifully marked!  I loved Roscoe's face though - I'm sure you miss your sweet Roscoe.  But there is always another dog out there that needs a good home - good for you!

on ‎04-18-2017 08:17 PM

Gus is absolutely ADORABLE! HeartWoman Very Happy

on ‎04-19-2017 05:39 PM

Hi David,

We just lost our snauzer last Wed.  It was the only dog my grandkids knew with us.  They come in and are sad because Jazz is gone.  It is hard to lose a friend.



on ‎04-19-2017 06:17 PM
Maybe you'd consider a friend for your new puppy? I found 20 smooth fox terrier puppies in shelters on, these are beautiful little survivors, they are healthy, & smart, sweet little souls, I believe knowledge is power & Trust me, I know many won't like what I say, it's not cute, & fuzzy but what I say is true, & they need us. there are puppies & dogs, kittens & cats, lots of purebreds & the most adorable mutts, on my life, I swear thier love is just as sweet, & thier souls are just as pure, they are out there right this second, alone & so scared, in every city, in your town, left behind by a family they trusted, & they just do not understand why, please adopt from a shelter.
on ‎04-20-2017 05:35 PM

I'm so happy for you, Gus is precious and beautiful. Thanks for sharing all the photos.

on ‎04-20-2017 07:47 PM

Roscoe is smiling down on you two with a heart full of love.  He's happy his Dad is sharing his unwavering love and devotion to one of his own.  Heart

on ‎04-21-2017 01:13 AM

Having been an animal lover for years, I know what it means to lose that special friend.  I am so glad that Gus has come into your life.    

on ‎04-21-2017 03:27 PM

David, what an adorable little guy!  We went 13 years without a dog after we had to give our beloved Husky, Dakota, back to God.  I think sometimes we have to love them enough to give them back, but that doesn't make it any easier.  Our little guy, Murphy, a Toy Poodle/Bichon Frise is two (2) years old now and he is the love of our lives!  We've never had a small dog before , but living in a condo, we needed a dog that didn't take up too much space.  Murphy is just a little ball of love & happiness and we are so thankful to have him, just as you are thankful to have Gus.  No one will ever take the place of Dakota and Rosco in our hearts and nothing could ever take away from the love we will always have for them, but that doesn't mean our hearts can't love another.  They would want us to be happy.  Congratulations, David. 

on ‎04-24-2017 02:16 AM

Oh, David...  So sorry to hear about Roscoe's passing... I have a 12 yo Maltese and I relish our time together more and more each day.   Gus is too cute.  That sweet little black head and smooth tummy look irresistible.  Please continue to share.

on ‎04-25-2017 12:15 PM

So sorry to read about the loss off your beloved Roscoe, David.   We love our pets so much they become part of the family and it's heart-wrenching when we lose them.   However, you have an adorable new pal in the shape of Gus who I hope will bring you many many years of love and affection.

on ‎06-26-2017 07:21 AM

Dear David, I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your Roscoe!  Our pets are part of our families and

it is devastating when we lose them!  But I have to say that Gus is absolutely adorable!  What a cutie and

I hope that yopu have many happy years together!  All the best!

on ‎09-25-2017 09:54 PM

Love, love, love you so much David!  Losing a dog is so despirately difficult. Our dogs are ALWAYS there for you unlike some humans and they are ALWAYS happy to see you unlike all humans. I watch your shows even when I can't afford to buy, but I often do buy. So happy to see your new line of ornaments and looking forward to more treasures from you.

 I wish you many years of happiness with your darling new baby boy!  He's a beauty!