Maria McCool Shares Her Tips to Get My ""Do!""

by on ‎03-26-2015 07:40 PM

Hello my friends!

Well, it’s been almost a year since I first got my new, shorter “do” and I’ve been so flattered to see how many of you have loved it! I get so many questions about how to explain the cut to your stylist so that you can get the same one, so I decided to enlist the help of my friend and AMAZING stylist, Maria McCool of Calista Tools!! I did a mini “interview” with her to share all of the details about how to get the cut. I hope it’s helpful for you!! And thank you for all of the support and sweet comments you’ve shared with me about my hair! AND, if you do take this to your stylist, PLEASE share pictures with me on my Facebook page!! Smiley Happy

Carolyn: If someone were to ask for my haircut what would they tell their stylist? Is there a name of the cut?

Maria: Well, I call it the “Carolyn!” It’s a shorter style with a very, very long top, so it doesn’t give it that traditional short look. The most important thing to tell your stylist to get a similar cut is that the top layers are actually the longest ones! By leaving the length longer on top, it doesn’t give a short “crop” cut. Normally when people layer hair, the top is the shortest part, but in this cut the layers on top should be 3 times the length of the layers anywhere else in the cut. For example, if the layers in the back of your hair are 1 inch, then the layers on top should be 3 inches! That will TOTALLY change the look of your cut!

For the Color, we do a multi-color. I use foils with lightener and 10 volume peroxide (that’s on the very low end) to keep your hair shiny and soft. Most people use really high volume, which can be damaging. In between, I use hair color to lighten the base color two shades lighter than your natural color. So the end result is a very light honey-brown base with bright golden-blonde highlights.

Carolyn: Is there a particular type of person this style would look best on?

Maria: Well, this style works well for you because you have very thick and straight hair. But I have to say, you don’t need to shy away from this cut if you have fine or thin hair. It will work for you too because they layers will give you extra volume.  

I would tell someone, if you have really thick hair you can ask your stylist to texturize the top of your hair with a razor or shears. I do that a little bit on you, Carolyn.

Carolyn: What products do you use on when you do my hair?

Maria: I shampoo with Amplify and Refine Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner. I spray on Embellish EXPAND Thickening Styling Cream while wet. And if I want a lot of “voom voom” I put in the Root Lift Volumizing Mousse Spray just at the roots, also while wet. Then I blow dry and perfect with the 1-inch Perfecter. Then to finish, I use the Embellish Volume Finishing Spray.

Carolyn: Can you give any at-home styling tips specific to this hairstyle?

One of the biggest things you can do to make this style pop is to over direct when using the Perfecter, which means your pulling away from the roots. Also, if you always style your hair to left, pull it to the right and then flip it over, it will give you more volume. Styling the hair in the opposite direction from where you usually have it lay will always give more lift!

Carolyn: Any advice for taking care of color treated hair?

You should always use professional-quality shampoo and conditioner that doesn’t strip your color. You also have to be careful with how much styling heat you use on color-treated hair; another reason why the Perfecter is great. The fusion technology uses non-metal heat, so there’s no singing, burning or depleting your hair’s natural oil like curling and flat irons can do.

As far as maintenance for your color and cut, we re-do it every 6 weeks to keep it looking fresh!

Carolyn: Any tips for someone who is thinking about a big change for their hair?

I do have an important tip about choosing a stylist: the absolute best thing you can do is when you’re out and about and you see a woman whose haircut you love, don’t be shy!! Stop and ask them where they go. Do this every time you see a cut or color you like so you can find out who is out there giving great cuts! So many women have a lot of anxiety over “breaking up” with their hairdresser (that’s really what it feels like isn’t it?!) But you have to remember that it’s about you, and making yourself happy. If you decide you want to try a new stylist but aren’t sure how to make the move without offending your current stylist, try this: pick up a nice card and say, “I’ve decided to go in a different direction with my hair and got a recommendation from a great friend. I’ve always enjoyed working with you and thank you for everything!” It’s that simple.


A HUGE thank you to Maria McCool, a true hair genius!!! Be sure to check out Calista Tools on Facebook to get lots of fun tips too! Happy hair-cutting my friends!