Let’s Have a Spring Brunch at My House

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I like winter…but after one too many snowfalls, I’m happy to say goodbye to it for about 9 months! Smiley Happy For me, Spring is exciting because of nature’s vibrant colors, the sounds of birds chirping in the morning and all of the fresh flavors I want to taste in my food. Well, to get myself and some friends in the “spring” of things, I decided to host an easy, yet elegant, brunch this weekend and you’re invited to join!! This is a view of the finished table, with help from lovely product by Valerie Parr Hill, but keep reading to see how easily it all comes together!



The first thing I do when setting up a brunch is lay out how I want the table to look. I took all the elements for serving and brought them together.  A glass beverage dispenser and a few 2-tier mercury glass serving platters were the perfect way to display the colorful food. Because I was going to serve lemonade, I used a wire apothecary jar and decorative lemons to accent the table. Lastly, a glass hurricane and a flameless candle always help set the mood for an elegant gathering. 



Next, I set the table for my guests. These place settings were given to me by my mother, and the fingerprint glasses were actually a thrift store find! Instead of using a napkin ring, I placed a simple stalk of lavender down the center of each napkin to add a bit of texture, fragrance and casual elegance.  



For me, no table is complete without a wonderful centerpiece of flowers. I called my favorite West Chester flower shop, Matlack Florist, and told them I wanted it to feel like spring was blooming in my home! I think they hit the nail on the head with all of the floral blooms, tulips, hydrangea and cabbage heads.  Smiley Happy



Now, it’s time to eat! Here are some photos of the food I prepared for my brunch.



Nothing says “brunch” like a quiche! This one is made with ham and potato and it is so simple to make. It looks so fancy because it's sitting on that serving platter!! Use a store bought pie crust and combine 1 cup each of chopped ham, diced potato, cheese, milk, mixed with 3 eggs, salt, pepper and rosemary. Bake at 400 degrees for 45 minutes.



I love the look and taste of tea sandwiches. They require no cooking and can be assembled while the quiche is cooking. The ones on the top tier were shrimp and dill open faced sandwiches with a lemon-dill cream cheese. The triangle sandwiches are made with butter, watercress, radish and sea salt – simple, refreshing and YUMMY! 



And for dessert I sliced up a lemon pound cake from Sweet Sams and added some fresh raspberries for garnish. This is always a hit with my guests, and the perfect mix of sweet and tart flavors! 



I love seasonal decorating and entertaining. One thing I’ve learned is that the home is always more beautiful when it reflects what is happening in nature and in the seasons.  What do you do to celebrate the seasons with your friends and family? Let me know in your comments below or visit my Facebook page and chat with me there!









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Ha! I knew it was your table before I read your blog, lol.  You give food such a beautiful presentation, and the food alone is beautifully prepared.  Thank you for sharing your beautiful ideas.....I have learned so much from you, Lisa and Valerie....I created Tablescapes and Christmas bows and Christmas Scenes I never thought I could, thank you so you Alberti, you're the best!!!    Still miss you on Friday night beauty and I am asleep when you're on in the middle of the night XO