LA Ladies: Meet Jewelry Designer, Melinda Maria

by on ‎03-25-2018 12:00 AM



Below is the first interview of our new monthly interview series, LA Ladies, featuring LA-based female movers and shakers that are driving change across different industries. We’re thrilled to have interviewed Melinda Maria Jewelry (new to the Q!) to kick off the series.


Melinda Maria embodies the true essence of her jewelry: glamorous, modern, edgy and chic. She is a self-taught entrepreneur, who day by day lives the life she’s always dreamt of all while turning her life-long passion into a global enterprise. The Melinda Maria brand is inspired by all of the amazing women in Melinda’s life, which is why she hopes to empower all women to be confident, beautiful and fashion forward through her jewelry. Melinda’s various collections dazzle Hollywood’s biggest fashion icons on the red carpet and all over the world.


In this interview, Laurie and Melinda explore the concept of modern glamour and talk about Melinda’s journey from winning seed money on Hollywood Squares to becoming known as the Hollywood Bling Queen.



on ‎03-25-2018 06:51 PM
Fabulous and inspiring! Thank you Laurie Felt for your uplifting designs and blog! Though not an LA person myself, what comes through so clearly in this interview and others is the strength of women coming together, and QVC I think has made that even more possible! Looking forward to the opportunity to experience Melinda Maria's jewelry, as well!
on ‎03-26-2018 06:46 AM