Jessie’s LOGOfied Lifestyle: The Real Reason Why I LOVE LOGO

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Jessie’s LOGOfied Lifestyle: The Real Reason Why I LOVE LOGO


True story, I live in LOGO on and off duty. LOGO by Lori Goldstein is more than clothes, it’s a lifestyle! Before I joined the LOGO team I knew of Lori’s amazing career as a sought-after fashion stylist — I even had some of the gorgeous editorial looks she’s styled ripped out of magazines and pinned to a bulletin board for inspiration. I had heard of her QVC line, but had yet to try it. Then...I became OBSESSED! Why, you ask?




{ Wearing LOUNGE pieces (A273381 & A275324) while spending time with two of my best buds, Kristen & Kate }


Well, if you’re a LOGO fan then you already know that it’s SO stylish, complementary, and crazy comfy too … but that’s not why. I fell in love with the whole brand mantra, as it’s always how I’ve viewed style. “Anything goes with everything,” as Lori is so known for saying, and it’s really TRUE! Like Lori, people have often commented on how much they love my outfit, but would express that they “couldn’t pull it off”.




{ French terry = comfy, cozy, and cool ... perfect for a chilly weekend hangout }


Um, yeah you can! There are no rules. We are all creating our own lives, our own selves, our own style, identity, and destiny. That’s what LOGO is. It’s permission to play and to have fun with fashion and in life. That’s why I became a stylist, to empower others to look and feel their best. When you feel good about yourself you can conquer the world Smiley Happy




{ Wearing LOGO (A261121 & A275324) head to toe while relaxing at home }


Like I said it’s more than clothes (and shoes, jewelry, home goods, and even more to come!). These beautiful designs are tools that enable us to create whatever look, vibe, or mood we want to convey. I know when I toss on a Lori design that I look good and feel good too, and that is SO EMPOWERING!


Look for more of my #LOGOfied looks on my blog + Instagram (@jessieholeva).


Stay fabulous! Xoxo, Jessie


P.S. Saturday, April 9th is LOGO TSV Day!! Get excited, because it’s SO good!!

As Lori would say, “it’s major!”



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