It’s taken me 8 years to be ready to write this!

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That’s how long it’s been since I lost 40 pounds. I’ve mentioned it on air a few times, usually during fitness and nutrition shows. I mention it because I know the struggle, and I want those who see me on tv talking about it know: that I’m not just talking about health because it’s the topic on my schedule that day, but because it has a place close to my heart and history. We’ve begun an initiative here at QVC and on air called “Living for Me,” with a focus on fitness, fun, and health. So there’s no better time for me to open up and share.

Why would it take so long to write about it? Well for me, and I know for so many others, issues with weight go a lot deeper than the surface. I’m an emotional eater. And I have been for as long as I can remember. I was brutally bullied in grade school, and struggled with anxiety in high school. So I took to food to be comforted. And after the birth of my daughter, I took to food to handle the pressures of being a single parent. Of course I tried whatever the fad was at the time for losing weight, and consistently failed and reverted back to unhealthy habits. And with a full time job and a daughter, exercise was often left on the backburner.

It wasn’t until I had a bit of a revelation, an epiphany, an “a-ha” moment, that things began to change. I remember exactly where I was. At home, having just dropped Gabby off and getting ready for work. I was mentally “beating myself up” for how I looked, how I felt. And it was as if my guardian angel were right next to me all of a sudden, saying to me:

“It’s time for you.”

I heard it loud and clear. I even repeated it out loud.


“It’s time for me.”

I realized that I needed to make changes because I wanted to, for me. Not because the media told me I should look a certain way, not because my grade-school bullies called me fat, not because it might help me find a perfect partner. I’d been motivated by all the wrong reasons. And I’d been motivated by sadness to eat. It was time to declare myself happy and let the healthy habits follow.

I changed my habits. I met with a doctor to make sure I was on the right track with my nutrition and exercise. I began reading books about happiness, joy, and positivity. I meditated. And I let everyone in my family know, my then-six-year-old daughter included, that I was excited about the journey I was taking. And also that I’d need their help and encouragement. And that encouragement poured in. Forty pounds later, I realize the weight loss isn’t the biggest change that happened to me. The bigger change happened in my emotions and life perspective. I found out things about myself as I journeyed through this challenge, including what I really wanted to do with my life. Hint: I’m doing it now! And I learned forgiveness. Forgiving anyone who had cast hurtful words my way growing up, and forgiving myself for seeing Jennifer as anyone but the best she can be everyday.

I’m not sharing this to get pats on the back; thousands of people have succeeded in far better feats of physical and emotional changes than I have. But I am sharing it for two important reasons:

1)            I hope that my story may help some people who read this. I’ve been there and technically, I still am. It’s a lifelong process making changes and sticking to them. Please know it is never too late to declare that you are doing it “for you.”

2)            My other reason is for me…I feel like the one missing element in this journey was my being ready to share photos of where I was before this journey began. And I’m ready! Because if there is one thing all my meditating and education has taught me, it’s that fearing  the judgment of others is about the most pointless fear there is.


I’m living for me now. I hope you are too. And if I can share in your journey in any way, I’m grateful to do so! Please join me at and let’s do this together! 

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Great story, Jennifer!  Thank you for sharing your journey.  I, too, am struggling and your words are encouraging!

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Hi Jennifer!


I enjoy reading your blogs, and also you are the perfect host for QVC, they got lucky when they found you. Love the passion in your voice especially when you are showing the jewelry and the way you speak of your daughter. You are so positive. When I tune into QVC and you are on, I say to myself  oh good, Jennifer is on, gotta watch. Thank you for sharing your life.  Have a great summer!

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I've heard you speak of this before and was so happy to read your blog. I would like even more 'details'. How/what did you change in your eating? Did you eliminate certain things? What kind of exercise did you find that worked the best for you? I have SO MUCH info in my head about nutrition and working out. I am an avid reader. I know about clean eating. I know you must do strength training with some sort of cardio. I just can't seem to find the perfect mix and/or I fail because I see no progress and then I revert to old habits (emotional eating). I have a hard time with meditation because I strugglie with chronic pain from an old hamstring injury that's morphed into muscle imbalance on the right side of my body. I feel like a ping pong ball, bouncing around inside of a box. If you ever feel like sharing more info, I just know it would  be even more motivational to all of us. Bravo to you. You look amazing (and you were gorgeous before the weight loss). You are one of my favorite hosts on the Q. Keep up the gretat work Jennifer. Smiley Happy Blessings always.

Smiley LOL
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Thanks for sharing your journey.  It helps.

on ‎07-18-2017 01:32 AM

Powerful heartfelt story . Thanks for sharing. Keep your journey positive. You're doing a great job ! 

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Hello Jennifer


I enjoy reading about you and your daughter on FB, and I am touched to learn that you and I share this struggle. It takes courage to speak about something that for many is so poorly understood.

Your comments are powerful for those of us who understand that body size should be a health and personal welfare issue, not a cosmetic one.

You were beautiful through all of your pictures and stages, and continue to be.

Many thanks for bringing such an important subjects to these pages.


on ‎01-17-2018 01:13 PM

Thank you Friend.........I can see that its clearly time

on ‎09-04-2018 08:44 AM

Jennifer..... Telling your story took a lot of courage.  I enjoy watching you on the Q.  You are so genuine.  Beautiful inside and out. 

on ‎02-04-2019 01:33 PM

<3 Thanks Smiley Happy 




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So happy for you. I too know the struggle of raising a daughter alone & not being happy with my weight. I applaud you for finding your aha moment & doing GREAT for YOU!!! Congratulations may your journey continue down the road you would like to go!
on ‎07-10-2019 12:31 AM

Hi Jennifer,

I love watching you on QVC even if I'm not interested in the particular item that is being shown lol. You are entertaining & crack me up. I was watching tonight & wondering how you stay fit all the time. You had a top on tonight & said I'm wearing the XXS. I was thinking how I wish I was that size again! Then I came across your story on QVC! Thanks SO much for sharing. It has inspired me tonight after losing focus & hope. I had 2 SCAD heart attacks in 5 days & emergency double bypass at 39. Since then  I've gained weight & hate how I look & feel. I think you losing 40lbs is a BIG accomplishment. The most impressive thing to me is that it is years later & you are still going strong -doing you & looking wonderful! Often times you hear of people losing weight & then they put it back on. It has to be a change of life-eating & diet. That is not an easy task. Maybe you can do a blog with any advise on how you were able to achieve your goal & keep it? Smiley Happy I'd love to hear. Thanks again! Michelle. <3 

on ‎11-11-2019 09:43 AM
Jen, your confidence and beauty shine through when e see you on the air. Thank you for sharing your story. Prayer and faith change everything. May God bless you with your daughter and all future endeavors.