It’s Craft Time! How-to Make a DIY Framed Menu & Natural Room Scents

by on ‎09-20-2013 02:00 PM

This just might be the most exciting week ever! Okay—I might be getting a little carried away, but instead of one episode of You’re Home with Jill, we’ve got two shows this week! The first airs Wednesday at 7pm as usual; the other airs on Thursday at 3pm ET. So that means you get double the recipes and double the  DIY projects…both of which you can make this weekend, if you’ve got some time to hone your craft. Smiley Happy

First, let’s make the DIY Framed Menu.

DIY Framed Menu

This idea comes courtesy of Jessica and Mandy of Little Birdie Secrets! (Thank you, girls!) These clever crafters are from the Pacific Northwest and blog about everything from quilting to crocheting to silhouette projects (that is, things you can do with a digital cutting machine.) Now, I haven’t gotten into lettering too much, but I saw their idea for this menu board and had to make one of my own.

Here’s what you need:
•    12” x 12” picture frame (with a glass front)
•    Decorative scrapbook paper (sized to fit)
•    Dry-erase marker

And here’s how you put it together:
•    Remove the back of the frame (or whatever you need to do to insert the paper).
•    Place the scrapbook paper inside and reassemble the frame.
•    If you know how to make vinyl lettering, do so for each day of the week. If not, just write out the days on the board (like I did!)
•    Then, fill in your recipes. That’s it!

I made a special spot in my kitchen for this frame and I try to get everyone’s requests every Sunday (when I plan and write things out). On nights when I’m working or it’s just not possible to all be together, I’ll write “free” or “leftovers.” Do whatever works for you and your family. For us, it's not just about the food. Seeing the recipes in writing reminds us that family time is guaranteed at the end of a long day. And, that's the greatest gift of all.

Since our theme on YHJ this week is “company’s coming,” might I also suggest you use this menu for your guests’ benefit. If you’re making breakfast, lunch, and dinner, give them the daily menu in detail. Or, if you’re just making dinner, list the appetizer, entrée, drinks, and dessert. Get creative! Have fun! A damp paper towel gives you a clean slate.

Now that you’ve given dinner some thought, how about the rest of the house. Wouldn’t it be nice to fill your home with a clean, citrusy aroma?

If you haven’t found out about The Yummy Life yet, you’ve now just found your favorite blog. Monica (the blogger) has the definition of “yummy” down to a science, because every recipe she posts is just downright mouthwatering. BUT—recently, Monica posted a blog with recipes for natural room scents and I made two citrusy with oranges and fall spices; the other with oranges and fresh ginger!

Here’s what you’ll need to make these (add more or less of each ingredient, as desired):

First jar:
•    2 oranges, sliced
•    2-3 cinnamon sticks
•    Handful of whole cloves
•    4-5 pieces of star anise
•    2-3 cup mason jar

Second jar:
•    2 oranges, sliced
•    7-8 slices fresh ginger
•    Pinch of almond extract
•    2-3 cup mason jar

To assemble the jars…
•    Fill your mason jars with the fruit, spices, and water.
•    Pour the ingredients out of the jar and into a sauce pan.
•    Bring the mixture to a boil and reduce the heat to a simmer. (By now your house will start to smell wonderful!)
•    Simmer for a few minutes, replenishing water as needed, and then pour the mixture back into the jar.
•    Move the jar to the room of your choice and leave it uncovered. As long as it’s warm, it will continue to release a mild fragrance.
•    To get a more intense fragrance, heat the mixture again (either on the stove or in the microwave) and place the jar on a candle or mug warmer.

There are lots of ways to heat these scents in order to extract the delicious fragrance. And, there are three other fragrance combinations in Monica's blog you must try. Happy fragrancing!

There you have it! You are SO ready to entertain guests for the weekend. What’s on your menu? What citrusy scents might you try? I’d love to hear your thoughts! I’ll see you for YHJ on Wednesday at 7pm ET and then on Thursday at 3pm ET. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.

From my home to yours,