Irish Ambassador Award

by on ‎03-10-2015 12:57 PM

QVC received a great honor, the Irish Ambassador Award from Ambassador Anne Anderson, the first woman Ambassador to the United States from Ireland. I was asked to accept the award on behalf of QVC, and when I spoke I dedicated the award to you, our passionate Irish customers!

The way we received the award is a wonderful story. One of the Board members from Philadelphia traveled to Ireland with her daughter last summer.  They went to a demonstration of Irish pottery and met the artist. They were surprised to hear he came to West Chester to present his items on QVC. Yes, he was our own Colm de Ris! After returning home and doing more research, the Ambassador Award was given to QVC for the 25 years of impacting Irish businesses in such a big way.

The day of the award ceremony, the city was in a state of emergency due to snow.  Nothing would stop me from accepting this award!!

Ambassador Anderson is brilliant and was fascinated by QVC and our Irish connection.

This award is thanks to you!!