Introducing Kerstin Lindquist, QVC's Newest Program Host

by on ‎12-05-2011 11:41 AM

Close your eyes and imagine a beach cottage.  That was my house; a tiny, one story 1920’s craftsman.  Wind weathered sea green paint, a red door and a wood fence enclosing a yard the size of a postage stamp.  When my husband Dan and I moved to the small, hippy, seaside community of Ocean Beach, Ca six years ago we fell in love with the place before we even walked in the front door.   Our first night in our 680 sq foot, one bedroom one bath home, we sat on boxes eating pizza and marveled how this old wood house three blocks from the beach could feel so much better than any house we had ever lived in.  To this day, that house defines the word home.

Over the next six years that house would share with me the happiest moments of my life; the phone call that said we were chosen to be adoptive parents, the birth of both our daughters (and an addition of a new room; all 200 square feet of it,) a final audition for QVC!  And our house would cradle me during the darkest three years of my life; the loss of a baby, infertility, two mothers with three separate cancer diagnoses.

As a former broadcast news journalist I moved pretty much every two years, and as a nostalgic sensitive mother of two I ached a bit when we boxed up our lives and left each city.  But, I never mourned the closing of a chapter as I did that final week in San Diego.  I packed up my two toddlers, two dogs my husband and my flip flops and got on a plane headed east.

That house is where I became me.   My children took some of their 1st steps on the beach out back. I learned how strong a marriage can be if the Lord is in the center.  I also learned how to grieve like a woman, pure and unashamed of the tears.  

Everything I learned in and around those salty walls has prepared me for where I am now; with you, sharing my life and getting to know yours.  My husband and I prayed; on our knees, for months, that the Lord would put us where we could best serve him.  His answer was loud and clear…QVC. 

On October 17th when I walked into the door to this truly blessed building in Eastern Pennsylvania with my fading tan and pictures of my beach babies in my bag, I felt that same feeling as I did six years ago walking by my, soon to be, little house at the beach.  I was home.    

Now we live in a charming twin in a cute town not unlike the one we moved from in California (minus the ocean of course.)  Our new house is even older than the last but three times as big.  We have a huge yard; a garage and a second bathroom (praise the Lord!!!) I marvel at the amount of room we now have to live in.  We moved here with one bed, two cribs, one car, and a couch.  We felt like miniatures in an empty doll-house.  QVC has quickly helped me fill up the empty space with a their great new line of Shabby Chic furniture, Northern Nights Linens, Sleep Number Beds, ISAACMIZRAHILIVE home decor, and fall and winter weather gear for the whole family. That sadness I felt leaving San Diego quickly vanished as I clicked “Add to Cart” on my lap top about 50 times our first week in Pennsylvania.  Retail therapy should never be discounted.

It didn’t take long on the job for me to understand why you are watching and buying; this is a family.  Truly, there is a different feeling in our studios here than in any studio or building I have ever worked in.  People really do love this company; they wear their 15 year, 20 year, 25 year badges proudly.  Our hosts really are family; in one month I have seen my fellow hosts laugh together uncontrollably, cry together, and support each other more than some families do.  That sincerity can’t be faked on television; it comes from truly feeling supported by your peers and the people watching you.  You don’t find that honesty, genuineness and compassion everywhere, especially in the broadcasting world.  QVC is different.  I am so blessed that you are allowing me to come into your home and share with you.  I will always be truthful and respect your time.  I hope you will come back to this blog often and let me tell you more about who I am.  My family is what makes me, me and you will be seeing a ton of my two, two year old little girls (born 5 months apart, that story is still to come) not only here but on my Facebook page as well.  All the joy and sadness the Lord allowed me to experience in that little house by the Pacific Ocean, prepared me for where I am now.  This is Home.  This is QVC. 

So let’s shop. I do still have two guest rooms, a porch, a bathroom, a back yard, a garage, and countless walls to decorate.  Help me!  What are your favorite home décor and furniture items that I can get on  I could also use help on taking my wardrobe from one season to three.  What do I need to get my family ready for an east coast winter?


Kerstin Lindquist