Inspire Me - Leather Look Book Edition

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Hey gals! It's Monday which means we have so much to look forward to -- fabulous fashion, talking, socializing, shopping, girl talk, and did I mention FABULOUS fashion?? This week for Inspire Me I asked you to share your favorite leather items. 


I mentioned how easily leather can translate from season to season whether it's in the form of a jacket, a handbag, or maybe even a top! You ladies continue to inspire my style with your photos, so I thought I would put them all together in one blog so you can share with YOUR friends! 


I also added in some bolded links for the items that are available at QVC in the photos below in case you are interested. 


Our girl Kathy has a passion for all things GILI especially leather jackets! She says she owns almost all of them!!! 



(GILI Pieced Leather Jacket) 



(GILI Faux Leather Peplum Top, GILI Lace Maxi Skirt


Kadian is showing off her favorite pair of riding boots. Don't get me wrong, I'm a complete summer girl, but doesn't the sight of a beautiful riding boot make you crave fall fashion?? Okay, okay I won't wish the summer away, but I agree with Kadian, these boots are amazing!



We know Lisa has a fabulous sense of fashion, and this officially confirms she has hopped on the camo train with the GILI microbag 2.




Marlene!!! You're giving me the same craving for fall fashion that I mentioned earlier!!! These shooties are adorable!!! 




Love how Jessica brings us a little midnight blue by mixing her black GILI shell with the royal blue Lisa Rinna maxi skirt, topped off with the blue GILI Leather Stirrup Satchel




Jordyn is a Dooney gal!! Loving the shade of her Pebble Leather Dooney




WOW! Is it me or is Debra totally rocking the GILI Leather Motorcycle Jacket. You look so amazing!!!!




Stephanie is a lot like me... she loves her handbags!! Her favorite leather piece comes in the form of her beautiful everyday handbag. 




Thank you for posting all of your leather looks. I love that we not only get to shop together during Inspired Style, but we get to chat and inspire each other by posting looks on my Facebook page! If you want to get a head start on shopping Fashion's night in, click here! In the meantime, pass on the inspiration to your fashion friends by sharing these photos and join me at 7pmET for Inspired Style! 

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Oh my gosh, it's going to be 91 degrees and so humid it's going to feel like it's over 100 - I'm not even wearing leather shoes today. I can't think about wearing a leather top or boots during June in Texas. I can't even wear my cute leather Clark's sandals because it's been raining every day.