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Greetings, Fellow Pet Lovers!! With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season in full swing, I am happy to introduce you to my most "CHILL" pet! He's the "top cat" at our house, and his name is Grey Poupon!

Grey Poupon (named for his beautiful sterling grey, smooth as silk coat) came to us via my great Los Angeles friend, Barbara Miller, who managed my favorite pet supply store in Burbank years ago when we lived in Southern California. (Barbara is a pet lover like  you and me, and rescued many pets over the years. She is the one who introduced me to the wonderful world of pet birds...but that is another story!) One day, Barbara called me to say someone had left two little boy kittens out near the dumpster behind her store. They both were missing their tails. (We still don't know if they lost their tails or if they were born that way, but it never mattered!)  Barbara said these little guys were super special...she could just tell....and she was going to keep one and wanted me to keep the other. When I met them, I knew she was right and I was happy to give my little guy a new home! It was December and I remember him sitting in the pet carrier on the way home.... a tiny little grey cat.... staring at all the holiday lights that decorated the shops in town, and  the neighborhood homes on the way to our house. We had only one other cat at the time...our big orange tabby, "Orangie Porangie", who had been rescued a year earlier. They soon became fast, inseparable friends.

As more cats, dogs, bunnies and birds came to live with us over the years, Grey and Orangie held court over all. Nothing phased them, and all the others knew who ruled the roost. Grey was always the better jumper, with his very long legs. He could jump (and still can) to amazing heights from a standing position. He was quite familier with the "top shelf" of all of our bookcases and shelving units and the refrigerator.

One day, when Orangie was about 8 years old and Grey Poupon was 7, we discovered why Orangie was never as athletic as Grey, and that he was very sick from a problem with his heart. It was very sudden and we lost him a few days later, despite the best efforts of several veterinarians. He had been hiding his condition very well, even from Grey.  Needless to say, we were heartbroken, but no one took it harder than Grey Poupon. He became very depressed at the loss of his friend and companion, and refused to eat for days and days. We tried our best to comfort him, but finally had to take him to our vet, who was able to treat him, thank goodness, and eventually he came around. That was almost 7 years ago, and today, Grey Poupon, at age 13, is a happy, healthy, totally "Chill" cat. He is now our senior kitty boy, who mostly naps and saunters around the house at a regal pace...never in a hurry, always cool, calm and collected. It is amazing how he can still put the other, much younger cats in their place with a mere glance, or wave of his paw. He loves to hang out with us when we watch TV or observe from a shelf near the kitchen when I'm cooking dinner. The only thing that makes him hustle nowadays is the sound of the cat food can being which he will appear like magic, from out of nowhere! Now that my holiday shopping is finished, I'm taking a lesson from Grey Poupon, sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the remaining days of the holiday season (and waiting for Santa Paws!)

Merry Christmas and Blessings of the Season to you, your family and furry friends, from Grey Poupon, my husband and me, and our "little zoo".




BREED: I'm a Rescue, but mom did some research and says I am a KORAT from Thailand.

AGE:     Between 12 and 13 years

HOBBIES:  Jumping, staring, napping, mealtime, bossing the other cats when I feel like it, plus the occasional walk around the house while meowing loudly....just so everyone knows I'm still the boss!!

FAVORITE FUR FRIEND:  Now that Orangie has moved on to Rainbow Bridge, I kinda like Miles (he's another orange cat who came to live here a year ago) and I like Eliza Jane (who doesn't?) but mostly I like my mom the best now.

FAVORITE SPOTS IN OUR HOUSE:  The top of the grandfather clock, the top of the stairs, the top of the BACK stairs, the top shelf looking into the kitchen. (Notice a pattern here?)

FAVORITE CAT TOY: Anything stuffed with catnip!!


WHAT I ASKED SANTA PAWS FOR:  A new catnip stuffed mouse, a large case of Fancy Feast (any flavor will do) and especially that ALL homeless cats find a forever home for the holidays! Please consider rescuing a shelter cat this season!! MEOW!!