I knew I loved fashion when ...

by on ‎09-05-2014 10:44 AM

We asked a few of our fashion designers to answer the question “I knew I loved fashion when ____” and are loving their responses & pictures!


Susan Graver

I knew I loved fashion when I received my first Barbie doll! (Mine had bubble cut hair!) I was obsessed with her clothes and spent endless hours passionately designing new outfits for both Barbie and her friend Midge! One of their outfits won a contest at a local doll fair!



Dennis Basso

I knew I loved fashion at the early age of 7.  I would sit for hours ‘sketching’ fabulous creations ---- including this wedding dress valued at $500,000!  Even back then I had expensive taste!


Lori Goldstein

I knew I loved fashion since ALWAYS!

Lisa Rinna

When I was 6 years old, I was obsessed with everything Cher wore on the ‘Sonny and Cher Show’ and Carol Burnett and all of her costumes and gowns on the ‘Carol Burnett Show.’ It turns out all of these were designed by the fabulous Bob Mackie. So, I first knew I loved fashion when I discovered Mr. Bob Mackie!!!


A picture that Lisa drew of herself in her favorite dress with her dog Pumpkin. (Age 6)


Isaac Mizrahi

"I knew I loved fashion when I stayed up all night studying Vogue's September issue, 1976. I poured over every single image of that magazine. It fascinated me like no other magazine or book I ever saw. "


 Isaac's dresses featured on the cover of Vogue in September 1995


Nicole Richie

I knew I loved fashion when I used to watch my mother get ready when I was little. She was and still is my style inspiration.



Seth Aaron Henderson

I was a very young boy and saw this iconic Christian Dior sketch at my Grandmothers house.




Renee Greenstein

The moment I first fell in love with fashion I was a  teenage girl. My aunt surprised me with an extraordinary present when she gave me her Chanel suit jacket. Not only did that jacket have significant meaning for me because  it was from someone admired in fashion and in life; but also because I began to understand the importance of vintage pieces and designers. From that day on my love for fashion only grew as I began to learn the history behind the designs I loved and  what makes an iconic designer like Coco Chanel so timeless. Now as a designer myself, I can fully appreciate the impact that special moment had on my life and continues to, to this day. With every piece I strive for a timeless element. I can undoubtably say that my aunt would be very proud of the woman and designer I’ve become. As you can see from the image of my little Aya ,it obviously runs in our genes; she is quickly becoming a designer in the making! I will continue to influence and guide her into the woman she will one day blossom to be; with the aid of great fashion!