I heard ur Souls speak and i thank u!!

by on ‎09-25-2014 12:39 PM

hi lovelies .... last week i invited u to share ur pics and stories abt what ur "hear my soul speak" jewelry means to u! i believe ur soul is the most unique part of you, and it has a story to tell. It should never be silenced, and you should never give up! 

i hv always said we are in this life together n we should lift each other up whenever we can. so below r the stories that were shared with me on my FB page and now i'm sharing them with all of u. 

Be kind to one another ....... always!



Alix shared her soul:

"Wear my ring daily when I leave the reminds me that all is well ..."


Sakinah shared her soul: 

"Got my ring and I love it. I make sure when I look at it I can see the words "Hear my soul speak"  thanks Shawn I love this ring!"



Val shared her soul:

"Love this ring n the inspiration behind it. We all have tragedy as well as times of joy. The ups n downs. Having struggled makes us stronger n it is important to have faith. This ring is my talisman n reminder not to ever give up"




Lisa Marie shared her soul:

"Shawn, I want to thank you. I've gone through many difficult situations. I went through a divorce that left me homeless, alone and scared. The separation from my children was indescribably painful. During that time in my life I also lost someone so special to me. My brother Craig, but through it all somehow I knew I would survive and I did. I suffered in silence for years. When I first started watching you and reading your posts I realized it was ok to let it out. Shawn I have never felt so free. You are truly an Inspiration not to mention courageous, genuine and strong. I wear my ring and pendant every day to remind myself that I do matter. Thank you for reminding me of that. Right now I'm some scary medical stuff, but it's ok I have faith now. Much love and appreciation, Lisa Marie"


Lorisa shared her soul:

"I've been thru a lot a weird things of health issues over my 47 years. Currently battling An Indivisible Disability, Interstitial Cystitis .. Incurable bladder disease. I've had for 9 years.. So as I fight thru the pain every day, I wear my ring every day to remind myself I can get thru the day !"


Kimberly shared her soul:

"I'm not soon as you started talking about your own piece that your mother bought you & what it meant to you, etc. It immediately hit home & had such a strong meaning to me as well...I'm asking for the ring for Christmas but for now this is what I have...FOREVER!"



Gemma shared her soul:

"Shawn you are an amazing soul! I purchased mine in December for me and for my daughter in law after she lost her baby at 28 weeks  it is our guardian angel ring. I wear mine every day to keep him close to my heart!! I am ordering charm and cuff soon too xxxoxoxox"


Alena shared her soul:

"Means so much ...Thank you"