How to Organize Your Closet to Make Room For More Shoes

by on ‎10-15-2013 12:53 PM

QVC Presents FFANY Shoes on Sale was last week and I hope you were able to get some fabulous shoes! Now, let’s make some room in your closet for them!

In order to make room for that fab new pair (or pairs) you need to cleanse your closet. Yup, you heard me right! It is time to go through each item in your wardrobe and only keep those that belong! The fact is, we only wear 25% of what we have in our closet. That means, yes you mathematicians, 75% of what you have goes! We only pick those jeans that make our butt look cute (not the 19 other pair), we only pick the whitest-white tee shirt (not the yellowish stained one) and we only pick the dress that looks amazing (not the one that cost a small fortune.)  Buckle up, this is going to be interesting!


I have come up with 10 easy tips to get your closet ready. Out with the old and in with the new!

1) Grab a friend because as you embark on this day long journey, you will need someone to be honest with you. When you try something on that you think looks good, you need someone to tell you when it doesnt . Think of that Sex and the City episode when the girls held “keep it & ditch it” signs for Carrie as she was moving.  Pop a bottle of champagne if you need a little kick to get going!

2) Next rule: if you haven’t worn it in a year—it goes.  The only exception is if it has real sentimental value (and it better be a real good reason). Other than that, start your pile and be totally true with this one. Let those donation garbage bags start piling up!

3) If something has tags on it or it is by a top designer, that doesn’t mean it has a place in your wardrobe. Unfortunately, you made a purchase that didn’t work out, but your closet doesn’t need to suffer. Consign the item or give it to a friend who will appreciate it.

4) Ditch any shoes that are uncomfortable. Confidence is the sexiest quality a woman can have. If you are in pain prancing around, people will know and even worse, it will ruin your night. Make room for shoes that are spectacular & comfy (yes, they exist).

5) You don’t need to own 10 pairs of sneakers dating back to college. You should only have the best of each area in footwear. So, your sports shoes, flip-flops, wedges and sexy heels should all be your favorites. I would rather you have three pairs of sandals that you love, love, love, then 10 pairs that are just okay. You should always feel and look your best. There is nothing better than wearing a white tee shirt, a great pair of jeans and a hot pair of shoes. Any man will tell you that is one of the sexiest outfits a woman can wear!


6) Jeans: try each pair on. Keep only the ones you wear, not the ones you think you are going to wear. Remember the year rule. If you haven’t picked something in a year, you will not miss it. Trust me.

7) Sort by season. I am a big believer in not having clutter. Pack up your bathing suits, shorts, and lighter items if you live in a cooler climate. I have little space to store things so I invented two items to help you out (if you need something). The pouf and collapsible container were made to help you transition from season to season seamlessly.

8) Tops/bottoms that have stains, hanger/shoulder marks, or are too big or too small go immediately! I do not believe in keeping pants with the belief you may lose or gain weight. Trust me, if you lose weight, you are going to want to go shopping, not wear that old pair you’ve been hanging onto. Love yourself right now and dress for who you are at this moment. If you are working hard to drop those extra pounds (good for you!) you can adjust once you are in your happy place.


9) Jewelry: what do you really wear?!?  So many women struggle especially in the costume jewelry department. Again, keep only those baubles you have worn in a year or can really see yourself wearing. The only exception here? I keep a lot of jewelry with sentimental value—I know I said with clothing you must part with pieces but I feel differently in the jewelry department. Here's an example of how mine is set up:


10) And finally, remember:

if you don’t see it you are not going to wear it. Say that 10 times over and over again. Anything you choose to keep, needs to have a place. You deserve to open your closet and have it look like a store, no matter its size or shape. You can do it! Remember 75% goes. So, let’s get organizing!


If you need items to help you on your way, I have created products  which  combine fashion and function. Check them out here but remember...

don’t get anything until you sort through your closet! Cleanse then organize!  


Xo Jill