How to Decorate the ULTIMATE Holiday Wreath with Alberti

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Because some of our favorite holidays take place in the colder seasons, when most of our gardens have gone dormant, I feel that a wreath at the front door is essential for welcoming friends and family into my home.  It sets the tone for entertaining, and can create a succinct connection to the décor you’ve set up inside the home. 

Want to personalize your own wreath? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create the ultimate holiday wreath!


To begin, I went to my favorite local flower shop, Matlack Florist.  I asked my friend Deborah (she’s been making arrangements for 37 years) to give me some pointers on how to put a wreath together.




Here’s what you’ll need!


A basic green wreath!




We used a mixed Oregon green wreath with lots of noble fur.  Many people might just hang a wreath like this at their front door and be done with it, but hopefully you’ll try adding to yours this year!  




Next, gather together some faux floral elements.  You can find these at your local florist or craft store. I wanted to incorporate the colors from my dining table, so I chose magnolia leaves, blue berries, artichokes, juniper and lotus pods.  I also liked the texture of sponge mushroom so we wanted to see if it worked with the overall design and it did! 


Now its time to assemble!


Step 1: Insert your magnolia leaves.  Follow the same direction as the greenery of the wreath so it all flows in the same direction.  Hint: You don’t have to be gentle with this.  The wreath is durable so poke and push until the stems are nice and secure.  Cut the stems so they’re not sticking out from the back of the wreath. 




Step 2: Fasten your magnolias using  florist wire.  Hint: Don’t just insert the wire at the base, instead use it in between the leaves to secure it. 




Be sure to twist in the back of the wreath, cut off any excess wire and push down. 




Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2 with remaining elements – sponge mushroom, berries, artichokes, lotus pods and juniper. 






Here is a closer look at the berries nestled in between the fresh greens.




I attached the lotus pods and Artichokes.




I used the juniper to add more dimension to the outer corner of the wreath.




Step 4: Add in the drama! I loved the feathers I incorporated into my tablescape, so I decided to add it in the wreath.




Step 5: Add your ribbon.  We chose one that was just right for the holiday, but can easily be switched to a red ribbon for Christmas in a few weeks.  Deborah tied the ribbon (she is such a pro) and I was so mesmerized I asked if I could video tape it. 


Here she is!



She’s such a cutie! We had so much fun working on this together!








I am beyond delighted with the way the wreath turned out and I love knowing that I have a unique wreath that matches my interior decorations. 

Here are some other wreaths I saw at the store that might give you inspiration!








 I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and are inspired to put together your own “ultimate wreath!!


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