Hosts Hearting for Hope

by on ‎07-24-2014 01:03 PM

One of the greatest aspects of QVC, is it's involvement with the community. Whether it's local or national, QVC has teamed up with a number of charities over the years in support to make a difference while building real relationships along the way. 

Each year, for the last 17 years, more than 2,000 guests report to the Hamptons for one of the biggest charity events, the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund's Super Saturday. These guests consist of celebrities, designers, editors, fashion lovers, and, of course, families and supporters.

We are proud to share, that since 2007, QVC Presents Super Saturday LIVE has generated more than $7.4 million for OCRF (Ovarian Cancer Research Fund). This is a two-hour live broadcast from the event, where our mission is to reach out to millions of homes across the country, to shop designer items at half their MSRP. 80% of the purchase price of donated merchandise benefits Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. 

*Based upon suppliers’ representations of the value. No sales may have been made at these prices.
**Purchase price excludes shipping, handling, and tax.

You may join our hosts Lisa Robertson and Courtney Cason, during the live broadcast, this Saturday 7/26, but don't miss out on what the rest of the host team has to say in support of OCRF's Super Saturday Event. 


I am Hearting for my Dad who recently beat kidney and colon cancer. Love you Dad! 

All of us who have been affected by cancer know what a difficult struggle it poses.  I am currently facing it in my own family and I hope that one day soon we can find the ultimate cure.  Now is our time to do something about it.  What a “win-win” Super Saturday is.  Shop for incredible products and help cancer research to help cancer patients win their battle!  God bless! 

Hearting family and friends! 

I'd give every bit of my heart to find a cure, and all of my love to go with it. 

Iz & me sharing the overflow of love from our Hornback Family reunion last weekend with you!

I am hearting Nikki.

I’m hearting for all women. By standing together, we stand stronger! 

I’m hearting for the moms and caregivers out there who always put their families and loved ones first. 

This "Heart For Hope" is around a small sailboat near our studios - it represents a "TEAM"!  So I'm sending my "Heart For Hope" out to all the "TEAMS" working hard to find a cure for Ovarian Cancer - and sending Prayers to ALL of you who have been impacted by Ovarian Cancer - including my cousin Lisa.  Blessings, Jacque G. Smiley Happy 

We heart on behalf of our 5 dogs.  Dan & Kelly Hughes


As you can see, there are a lot of "Hearts" involved in this special day. We Hope yours is too! 

Here is a link you can click to show support;