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Healthy Happenings with Vitamix

by ‎02-14-2013 03:04 PM - edited ‎08-19-2016 08:40 PM

In my quest to make simple substitutions on my family’s Wellness Journey, I thought I’d share an unexpected love affair.


It took me YEARS to bite the bullet and get a Vitamix. I wondered if I would really use it… and how often. I wondered if it worked as well as the demonstrations. I wondered what on earth, beyond smoothies I would use it for.


Well I’m here to share that I’ve fallen in love with my Vitamix. I use it so often that I just leave it on the counter. No sense putting it in the pantry since I pull it out almost every day. I’m all about planning ahead to set myself up for success in the time management and nutrition departments and the Vitamix is a total team player in those regards!!!


On Sundays, I organize my weekly dinner menus, make the kids Bento Boxes for school lunches, make my work lunches, and start the weekly breakfast omelets.




Breakfast is such a crazy time around my house that I look for any streamlined process I can find that creates a nutritious meal without feeling like a short order cook. I simply don’t have time to cook a buffet every morning. Enter the Vitamix for the perfect omelet. Here’s how I use it; and please keep in mind that I’m feeding LOTS of hungry tummies.


I start with 30 eggs from one of the Club stores. 



I put ALL of them into my Vitamix. Add White Pepper, Molly McButter, Recaito (a Cilantro Cooking base), and a bit of Organic Non Fat Milk. Blend for 30-60 seconds on level 1. It creates a perfect blend without turning the eggs into a frothy meringue. Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees. Then I gather all my “fillings” for the omelets.



The Littles love to make their own; and the added benefit is that if they make it just like THEY like it, then there’s no complaining about not liking breakfast! Smiles all around :~) Next, I lightly coat silicone muffin tins with a Butter Cooking Spray. The pour spout on the Vitamix Canister is just the right solution for filling all those muffin tins…great pour with no splash or spill. 



Once I’ve filled all the muffin tins, I set the oven timer for 15 minutes. 




While the omelets are cooking, I clean up. And maybe best of all, clean up is a breeze!!! I just rinse the Canister, then put a drop or two of dish soap and add a bit of water. Back onto the Vitamix base for a quick swirl and I’m totally cleaned up.



I really enjoy cooking with the Silicone muffin pans because there is NO sticking.  In fact, the mini omelets literally pullthem selves away from the sides and pop right out. 



The Littles really enjoy serving themselves their own mini creations.



I love being able to store them away in Lock and Locks for days of pre-made, self serve healthy breakfasts! Don't they look yummy?!!



What kind of unexpected Healthy Happenings have you discovered? I’d love to hear how your wellness journey is going. And if you have tips, please share!!!