Happy International Women's Day- My Interview with InsideQ

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March 8 is International Women’s Day (IWD), a United Nations-designated global holiday that celebrates the contributions of women around the world. QVC is proud to celebrate our female entrepreneurs (including those who got their start here) from March 8 to the end of the month with a special collection of products inspired by the vision of these women.


I loved sitting down with InsideQ for an interview supporting International Women’s Day! To read the rest of my interview, check out InsideQ here!


InsideQ: What do you hope for future generations of women? 

Rachel: I hope that women continue to break the “glass ceilings” in all businesses and industries so that one can no longer count on one hand the number of women at the executive level and beyond. I hope that women and men have equal pay. I hope that it’s as common to see a woman doing a certain job as it is to see a man doing that job. I hope that women in the future have unlimited access and entrée into every conceivable occupation.


To support International Women’s Day, shop here!

To read more Inside Q, go here!



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