Happy International Women's Day- My Interview with InsideQ

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March 8 is International Women’s Day (IWD), a United Nations-designated global holiday that celebrates the contributions of women around the world. QVC is proud to celebrate our female entrepreneurs (including those who got their start here) from March 8 to the end of the month with a special collection of products inspired by the vision of these women.


I loved sitting down with InsideQ for an interview supporting International Women’s Day! To read the rest of my interview, check out InsideQ here!



InsideQ: What does IWD mean to you? 

Jennifer: It’s an opportunity to applaud and support the efforts that all women make daily: to dream big, pursue goals, raise families, help friends, and give love. So many women have blazed trails and achieved so much so future generations can be inspired and believe they can do the same. International Women’s Day is a chance to remember that. 


InsideQ: How do you commemorate IWD personally and professionally? 

Jennifer: I love the idea of using this day to applaud and encourage the women we know personally. If each of us at the grass-roots level were to reach out to our friends and colleagues and remind them that they are doing a spectacular job, to not give up, to stop for a moment and be proud of the jobs they are doing...what a shift in energy that would create that could last for days and weeks and months and years! So I’ll be making calls and sending messages to a lot of my friends and colleagues.


InsideQ: How do you think QVC promotes women?

Jennifer: I love that QVC is honoring the day with this article, for one! And by focusing on the women entrepreneurs who have seen their hard work come to fruition right here in our studios. By putting the spotlight on them today, it’s inspiring so many women watching who might wonder if it’s worth it to keep going. I promise you it is!


InsideQ: What do you hope for future generations of women? 

Jennifer: I hope the same for future generations that our grandmothers and our great grandmothers wished for us: respect, equal opportunity, equal pay, to be heard and supported. I hope our daughters and granddaughters find no reason to doubt their strength, their inner and outer beauty, and their ability to see wishes fulfilled.


To support International Women’s Day, shop here!

To read more Inside Q, go here!




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