Happy Birthday Aimee!

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Guess who the birthday girl is! Aimee Kestenberg!!   Her birthday isn't until this Monday, but she wants to give YOU a special gift for her big day.  Find out what it is here....hint >  Aimee K Handbags on 4+ EZ Pays!


But first, we thought it would be fun to take a look at some flashback photos of our go to handbag designer!  It's obvious she was a fashionable little lady from day one!  




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When she wasn’t in school or in one of the many co-curricular activities including painting, life drawing, ceramics and beading (to name a few), she was traveling at the age of 8 with her fathe,r who worked all over Asia and taught her the cultures in different countries while teaching Aimee the many ins and outs of the importing business. 


By age 13 she had saved up enough money from the ice cream store she was working at on weekends, to buy the Adobe Suite, a computer aided design-program, which designers use to do everything from graphic design to prints and more. Aimee taught herself how to use the program and started to design creative packaging ideas for the products her dad was selling.


Aimee loved helping to grow the family business and the challenge of creating. From age 15 she spent all of her spare time from school, working as the in-house graphic designer for Gift Imports,  while traveling to Asia 4-6 times a year as an assistant buyer for her fathers business. 


With the business education from her father and her grandparents(that includes two jewelers and a seamstress), it’s safe to say that the fashion and accessory industry was in her blood! 



Aimee has always been a hands on gal.  The above pic was taken at the Magic Tradeshow in Las Vegas where she was sponsored by American Express to design and make a bag to a live audience at the show.   How cool!!




Let's all give Aimee some birthday love in the comments below!   We're so thrilled to have her at the Q!   And don't forget, her special gift to you is here >  Aimee K Handbags on 4+ EZ Pays!


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Happy Birthday, Aimee!!! Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of you! You haven't changed at all! You are so beautiful with wonderful talent. I just LOVE your handbags, and I am proud to say that I collect your beautiful bags and I only carry your bags because they make me so happy! :-) Please keep making beautiful bags, and hopefully you will bring a TSV sometime soon? ;-) I also look forward to seeing the shoes you will be bringing to QVC. Please take care of yourself, and I look forward to seeing you next time you visit QVC!!! :-)


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happy birthday aimee, i love your bags.

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Happy Birthday Aimee!!!   It was delightful to "watch" you grow up in pictures.  So easy to see how you developed your love for design.  Thank you for sharing.   I am currently using your large emerald green Halley satchel.  It is beautiful and well worth the investment.  On a retirees budget I have to wait for TSV purchases but your items are worth the wait.  I am looking forward to your next presentation and the introduction of your shoes.  I know they will be very fashionable and hope that you also include some that are under 2 inch heels for those of us with back and knee problems.  Have a wonderful life.

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Happy Birthday,  Aimee! 

Love your handbags....... 

You were cute as a child and you are still a very beautiful lady! 

Have a Blessed Day!