Happy 2017, campers!

by on ‎01-05-2017 04:49 PM

Happy 2017, campers! How those New Years rezzies going?? Mine so far are going well. One day at a time seems to be the least daunting approach, otherwise the road looks long and overwhelming. Here are some of my "work in progress" goals...


1. Tardy to the party



I am late. A lot. I hate admitting this because it's so much more comfortable to smile and avert my gaze from the obvious problem I have...I make people wait. It's not ego, not selfishness, but I do hate how self centered this admission sounds. it's my OCD. I can't stop doing what I'm doing bc I have this insatiable need to complete every task before walking away. But not anymore. I'm committed to righting this selfish wrong. so far I have been early to work meetings and doc appointments and I'm teaching my OCD who's boss. next up: I'm going to watch Alice in wonderland bc that rabbit w the massive pocket watch could teach me a thing or two. (Ok there's my honest and painful share. You willing to share ur "I need to quit" bad habit? cmon...😊)


2. Clean eating




The above are just two of my last indulgences of 2016. What's not shown is the 3/4 of a Grandmas coffee cake (apple cinnamon if you must know) that accompanied my last supper. I'm not a bad eater, but I've become lazy w my food guard gate. So for a month I'm cleansing the body w no alcohol, and also going forward, sweets and starchy carbs are banished to the same island where misfit toys reside. Of course, the occasional exception exists for birthdays and special celebrations. So much bloat, fatigue, and physical crankiness can come from putting bad stuff in the tank too often. (That being said, just for fun sake, what's ur bad food weakness? When I can't eat it, I love to talk about it?!)


3. Color Me Happy




I used to paint a lot. A lot. I loved it. It was a relaxing hobby that gave birth to countless paintings for my niece and nephew's room. I started when I used to work crazy hours in local news and had few friends on my crazy clock so a hobby was my weekend company.  But life and work and running out of people to gift paintings to put my brushes on the back burner. Well, baby's got her groove back. I painted a little on New Year's Day, did some sketching too, and next up, I think I'm going to transform the back of an old jean jacket w hearts and peace signs. I'll post on Instagram. Do you have a new or rediscovered hobby ur into this year?


There are several other hopes dreams and goals I have for 2017 but these are the top three areas of my life that I want to improve upon. I dare not have too many or I'll be overwhelmed and set up for failure. One thing I feel deep in my bones: 2017 is gonna be a good year. Get ready for greatness. 😊 


( Ps: Is it weird that I'm already looking forward to next Christmas? )