From Our Family to Yours...Happy Holidays!

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Happy Holidays from Our Family to Yours!

Season's greetings from some of the guests around the Q! From their family to yours, our Q family are sharing their family Christmas cards and some throwback pictures. These pictures remind us of happy memories and the joyous holidays to come. The holidays are meant for time spent with the ones we love the most. Enjoy the laughs, love, and sharing in the photos below!

Josie Maran

My beautiful family being silly and playful for our Holiday card. May the next year bring even more love, laughter, and fun family times!

Family Photo

Meredith Laurence

2011. Sadie’s only visit to Santa…ever! It’s not just kids that are scared of Santa!

Sadie and Santa

Sadie in her Christmas collar - December 2012

Sadie in her Christmas Collar

Lori Goldstein

The holidays are always such a great time for family….and for clothes!!! Look at my little green and white dress and those saddle shoes!

LOGO Family

Dennis Basso

This is a picture of Michael, Lily and I that we took in 2012 outside of our house in the Hamptons on Christmas Eve!  We don’t send cards….but we did send this as an email to all of our friends and family that year!

Dennis and Family

Jill Martin

Here is my family in 2011: Georgette, Marty & my brother Jonathan. They are my everything. I see my parents (who live on Long Island in the house I grew up in) and my bro a few times a week. They are my best friends and I count my blessings EVERY day. 

Jill Martin and Family

Judith Ripka

As my family has grown, my boys married and had families of their own, it has become increasingly harder to organize the entire family to gather together as one.  Some like it hot; others cold.  The grandkids have soccer, football and basketball tournaments.  And, of course, on certain holidays, we have to consider the needs and desires of in-laws, who want their families with them.  So, on those occasions, when  we are able to gather us all together, it is a special treat.  This picture was taken on my birthday when we all took a trip  to celebrate.  We chose a warm climate as my birthday is in December.  My daughters-in-law hired a photographer, dressed their families in blue jeans and white shirts, snuck them down to the beach, unbeknownst to me, for a family photo session, to surprise me as part of my gift.  It is moments like these that I cherish.

Surprise Photo

Lisa Rinna

I love giving back to the community with my family. - 2014

Lisa and Family Giving Back

David Dangle

If you have a dog, you know they become an important member of your family.  This will be Roscoe’s tenth Christmas with us!

Roscoe with a Bow

Playing in the Snow

Susan Graver

One of my favorite holiday photos was Christmas of 2012 when my friend Jim surprised us and arrived dressed as Santa.

Susan and Friend

Chaz Dean

This picture was taken during the 2012 Holiday season.  While I was setting up Christmas decorations in my home, Hunter, Spencer and Ella were frolicking around the wreath and ended up inside of it.  I clearly remember, I was setting up the tree, I turned around and caught them. The amazing fact is that this photo wasn't staged! I am very grateful I was able to capture this moment, it is one of my favorite pictures.

Chaz Christmas

Valerie Parr Hill

Here’s our family photo from Christmas 1998!     

Sending it along with our best wishes for a wonderful holiday to all of our QVC family!

Valerie and Family

Tara McConnell

One of my very favorite things to do around the holidays is bake with my mom! Happy holidays from the both of us!

My Mom and I

Laura Geller

Happy Holidays from Daniel and I!

Daniel and I

Scott Grimes

Last year it was all about Olive… this year looks to be the same. {#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

Merry Christmas from Olive

Jessica Foust

Every Christmas eve we get out the funny hats, antlers, etc.  In 2007 I was trying to have a loving sister moment, but my sister had a different idea!  Eventually we got it…

Happy Holidays from everyone at the Q!