Friday Favorites - Summer's End Picks

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It’s hard to believe it’s the end of August already!  I’ve had a great summer….I clustered a lot of my vacation time together so that I could be off for longer stretches of time.  This allowed me to be present and accounted for at some really special events with my family as well as take some R&R time for myself.  It also gave me the chance to really appreciate some of my recent finds from QVC, and since I’m always asked about my favorites, I thought I’d share! You can click on the highlighted words to check out the item on if you want more info.


So, it’s not secret that I love the beach!  And we spent a lot of time at the shore this summer.  With lots of 90 degree days, the last thing I wanted to do was heat up the house by cooking in the oven.  That’s why I bought this toaster oven from Breville




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This oven is worth every single cent.  I absolutely love it!!  I never thought I’d want to rave about a kitchen appliance, but I think I could do a term paper on this item!  It was great for heating up snacks for the kids after a day on the beach, for baking up a batch of cookies, or just making toast in the morning.  It’s a customer top rated star here at QVC…it gets my vote too.  Absolutely awesome.


Since I spent so much time outdoors, I needed to find a comfortable pair of sunglasses.  I’m now a total convert to the Jonathan Paul line of fitovers


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I wear my glasses almost all the time…and I have 2 different styles of frames.  I loved that I could find a pair of fit overs to wear with both…they aren’t heavy on my face or nose….and give me the sun protection I need.  They’re a great solution for eye glass wearers and I like that they incorporate a little fashion too. 


I also love my new Scout Bag for the beach - or anywhere I need to carry things.  It is lightweight, easy to clean and I love the clutch that's included for my keys and phone.


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I’ve never been a fan of body creams or lotions.  I mean, I’ll use them, but I don’t really like using them…they’re either too heavy, slippery, greasy, waxy, oh!  I could go on and on.  I’ve changed my mind however…thanks to Tatcha.  I already admire this luxury line of skin care and find their products wonderfully elegant for the skin.  So, when my skin started to look like dry sandpaper, I decided to try their Indigo Body cream.



Okay, let’s just say that everything I said I hated about body creams was completely reversed by this formula.  A little goes a long way, it absorbs really easily, leaves my skin looking healthy and smooth all day.  It’s my total new favorite beauty find.


And another beauty find….I found again.  Philosophy finally reintroduced Baby Grace Shower Gel and Fragrance into their fine fragrance collections.  Yay!! 









This became my fragrance 6 years ago when my Dad was so ill…this scent comforted me during such a sad time.  It’s softness made me feel safe, peaceful, at home.  I was thrilled that both the shower gel and the eau de parfum (longest lasting) were brought back into the mix.  I’ve used them every single day….and I’ve loved being “babied” again!


And one more thing I love that I’ve purchased from QVC…the 12 inch luminara heritage lanterns



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Jill flip5.PNG


Jill flip6.PNG


I’ve used 3 of them at our place at the beach…I love looking at these lanterns…even when they’re not lit, I just love their charm. They really fit in with the decor of our place….a place, (sniff sniff) that we’ve decided to sell. 


We’ve spent a wonderful 10 years here…but after much discussion and tears, Doug and I have decided that our family is ready for a new adventure.  It’s why I spent so much time at the beach this summer…I just soaked up as much of this place as I could.  It’s a good thing…change is good.  It’s just never easy.









So, that wraps up some of my favorite things from the Q.  Summer has been a blast…but with Labor Day just a week away, I’m ready to start thinking about the warm, cozy touches that Fall brings too.  I’d have to say fall is my favorite time of year…how about you?  Which season do you love most?





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