Flowy, Fashionable, Beachy Fun!!

by on ‎04-03-2017 09:26 AM

Hey Denim Divas! It's a SPECIAL day today for Denim and Company! Gary and I and the whole D&Co team are excited to show you our brand new Denim and Company Beach Pull-On Wide Leg Knit Cargo Pants!




These new pants are based on last year's hugely popular pants, done in the same cotton-rayon-spandex fabrication and pull-on style with pockets...but THIS year, we've added a cute cargo pocket and in addition to the ikat print, we've added camo and several great solid colors! There are three inseams to choose from as well, so you can choose the perfect length between petite, regular and tall.




These are casual and easy care, yet updated....and  will soon become your favorite beach pant, lounge pant, resort  pant and fashionable travel pant for this spring and summer season!




Gary and I think these new wide leg cargo pants are a must-have for the warm weather season and will be a wonderful and super fun addition to your spring and summer closet! We have lots of coordinating Denim and Co tops to choose from too! Enjoy!!




Tune in today for three hours of Denim and Co with Gary Goben and me from noon to 3pm ET and every Tuesday morning at 11am ET!


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on ‎04-03-2017 10:25 AM

You look beautiful!

on ‎04-03-2017 11:09 AM

I'll pass on the camo pants.  They reminded me of Mr. T's debut on DWTS.

on ‎04-03-2017 11:44 AM

The pants are an abomination. What was the cargo pockets needed for. Overkill. 

on ‎04-03-2017 12:08 PM

The lighting in these pictures are deceving.  The Rose Brown in the top picture looks like the Antique Rose, but the second picture shows it as a Bright Rose...just saying.

No brown undertones here, that I can see.

on ‎04-03-2017 02:49 PM

I love you Carolyn you are so down to earth and tell it like it is. I like these pants except for the pockets. Sorry Smiley Sad

I wish Gary would have left those off. I would have liked to see a white and baby blue color. Maybe next year bring them back w/o the cargo pockets.

on ‎04-03-2017 03:21 PM

I love the pants in that blue print! I'm going to wear them with flat slides or flat sandals.  Flowy, comfortable looking, and weekend ready. 

on ‎04-03-2017 05:26 PM

The only time I can remember seeing any camo fashion in my highly-populated city was on my neighbor's Yorkie. People here just don't do camo. Still love ya, Carolyn!


. Image result for yorkie in camouflage coat

on ‎04-03-2017 09:13 PM

Sorry, but I wouldn't wear these for my body type.  I think they look good on the tall models but are too wide-legged to look attractive on a petite person.  I think I would feel "frumpy" in them!   Just not for me but I do enjoy you, Carolyn, and Gary also on the D & C shows. 

on ‎04-04-2017 06:47 AM

Were they hugely popular?  Would love to see more DC TSV's.

on ‎04-04-2017 07:15 AM

I bought 2 camo, one for my daughter...  love the pockets!

I'm short and love the style.. looking forward to wearing them.  

on ‎04-04-2017 10:41 AM

Instead of the word 'Beachy', why don't you guys start using the term 'Coastal'?

by BetJ
on ‎04-06-2017 08:47 AM

You look fabulous in the outifit!  The pants are adorable and I am ordering the blue!  I can't wait to

get them and I really love the Denim and Co. Beach Line and well as all of the other Denim and Co

products!  I have a closet fun and I'm still buying!  I enjoy watching you host the Denim & Co. shows

as well as all of the other shows as you describe the products so well and have a wonderfull and

friendly smile and a great personality!  Please keep bringing us wonderful Denim and Co. products!

on ‎04-16-2017 06:27 PM

I ordered these in camo, loved the print, cargo pockets and style except for the wide-leg bottoms, ruined the pant for me.  Please make the same pant with a slimmer leg.......

by marinememe
on ‎04-18-2017 10:55 AM

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the beach pants.  I have them in every color from last year and have ordered all the new solids with cargo pockets.  Unfortunately, by the time I saw them the blue and camo prints were sold out in my size or I would have ordered those also.  I live in the south and wear these daily in the spring and summer months.  Gary, please bring in more of the blue print and camo pants in size L.  

on ‎04-19-2017 02:06 PM



I really like the looks of this pant; love cargos/it comes in petite lengths and is getting great reviews. Today I ordered the blue print and I'm anxious to receive these!


Denim & Co. Novelty Crinkle Pull-On Straight Leg Pants


These arrived and they are wonderful. The crinkle gives them a linen-look! I have been looking for this type of fabric for one year.

I believe this would be a very popular pant and style-- the type women are looking for now! They are not on the internet ANYWHERE!


Now I'm begging for these in a petite length (PL) please please!


I would order more of these, but I'm not up to the hassle of having them hemmed. Really, just search the net for styles in Petite L or PXL-- they are RARE!  Thank you for a winner!