Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree

by on ‎12-19-2016 04:47 PM

In the true spirit of the season or maybe just my family, Nikki and I ventured out in the rain the weekend before Christmas to search for the perfect tree.  Since I have the feeling everyone had done this holiday task we headed to a local tree farm...Slim pickings days before Christmas so the search began...


Nikki and I spent over an hour in a muddy field searching for perfection in a tree...Too small...



.... or too big



Thankfully the farm provided the saw and man power to cut and bag our tree...





YES...I was prepared with the stand so we calculated exactly the correct height for our 7 or 8 foot ceilings... so maybe I should have measured before we bought the tree...


Rolled right off the tree and fit in the stand but no room for our angel tree topper again this year.


Looked great so I cut the rope and whoosh the tree was near room filling in every direction... lol...A few pine trees in my hair and sap on my hands Nikki and I are determined to decorate her with lots of lights and holiday memories.


I am just hoping for no surprises like the hornet nest in the tree from my childhood or the many trees that needed to be anchored to the wall!


Love the holidays!!




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