Even Santa Wears Boots!!

by on ‎10-27-2014 05:48 PM

Someone asked me if I thought boots were a good choice for a holiday gift, and I answered "of course!"  Thinking back over the last few years, either I've given my daughters a pair of boots for Christmas, or I got a pair from them! We know the shoe size of the women closest to us, so figuring out the right size is usually not a problem.  And, since this year boots are so awesome, finding the right style for the right lady shouldn't be an issue!


Boots (and shoes) have always been a part of our Christmas season because we celebrate St. Nicholas on December 6th. Growing up we hung our stockings on December 5th before bed, and then woke up to little treats and a new set of PJ's to wear on Christmas Eve.  

When Sean and I were visiting an elementary school for Cara when she was still a toddler, we happened to visit on December 6th. In the hallway were dozens of pairs of tiny shoes waiting for a treat for St. Nicholas! I knew this would be the right school for her (Deirdre hadn't made her appearance yet!) and it was. After that we started putting out shoes instead of stockings, just like they would in Europe for St. Nicholas to fill!


So think about giving a great pair of boots this holiday season, since our return policy is extended throughout the end of January 2015 for gifts, and maybe start a new family tradition to celebrate St. Nicholas!