Enjoy Summer Skin Year Round with Murad

by on ‎09-27-2012 01:50 PM

I love the fall season—apple picking, the crisp air, the colors and smells, and holidays with my family. However, it's this time of year I also say farewell to another fabulous time, my summer in the beautiful state of Maine. My husband owns summer camps in the Sebago Lake region of Maine, so I get to spend my summers on Long Lake under the tall pine trees. I find I'm my healthiest version of me in the summer. I work out every day, I take the dog on long walks, I swim in the lake with the kids, and I take in the sun. I have less stress and take care of myself during these months, and I notice my skin is in its best condition as a result. My husband notices, too, and I even wear less makeup! I used to wish I could keep this feeling all year round...and now, I actually do!

When we come back to "reality" and enter the chilly months of the year, we begin spending more time indoors and are exposed to severe weather outside and artificial heat inside. It takes a toll on our skin and dries it out, and it has never been more important to properly take care of and nourish our bodies and our skin.

Before I met Dr. Murad, I took care of my skin the way I think many women do. I washed it and moisturized it. Dr. Murad taught me cleansing and moisturizing simply aren't enough. I’m a journalist and a research junkie, so when I met Dr. Murad, I told him I needed to try out his products for at least six months before I committed to officially working together. Well, after only a couple of weeks, I was just dying to call him back! I couldn’t WAIT to let him know I was already seeing results. Ever since then, I’ve been a Murad fan through and through. I feel (and even better, I'm told!) I have a youthful-looking glow and I give that credit to my Murad skin regimen.

My relationship with Murad Skin Care allows me to try out all of the new products before they even come out. That’s how I started using the new Murad Time-Release Retinol Concentrate. Once again, I'm hooked. It's one of the most impressive products I've ever tried and I can’t stop spreading the word! It does exactly what it says and I notice a difference every day. This product doesn’t just go on the skin and then evaporate, it keeps working all day. The time-release formula is key. Even my makeup artist, who sees my skin closer than anyone, says he notices the difference! Now that’s a good testimonial!

MURAD Time Release Retinol 3pc Kit

MURAD Time Release Retinol 3pc Kit

Thanks to Dr. Murad and his never-ending search for innovative ingredients to make the best skin-care products, I can bring my healthy-looking summer skin with me right into fall and winter! He helps me stave off Mother Nature and the ageing process, which is OK in my book. So this Thanksgiving (and even New Year), I'll still feel like my skin is at its peak health and I won't ever have to lose my summer glow!

—Joan Lunden