Diamonique and Epiphany Q & A!

by on ‎09-24-2013 01:01 PM

Hi everyone! 

My name is Laura and I am on the buying team for diamonds & Diamonique.  September is Diamonique month so be sure to check out our selection of new items as well as special offers on, including our beautiful Diamonique Design of the Month.  Below are some questions I commonly get asked about Diamonique.  I am here to answer any Diamonique questions you may have so feel free to post in the comments below and I will get back to you as soon as I can!  I will be responding throughout the day on Wednesday, September 25th.


Q: How do I clean Diamonique jewelry?

A: I suggest using warm water and mild soap to clean your Diamonique product.  A soft brush (toothbrush), can remove dirt which may be on the stone.  Do not soak the jewelry.


Q: Are the Epiphany pieces nickel free?

A: Platinum in its pure form is nickel free.  Since we layer platinum over sterling silver, there is a better chance you will not have an allergic reaction to our Epiphany product as you may have with other pure silver pieces. 


Q: I am a ½ size in rings?  Should I size up or down?

A: Epiphany rings cannot be sized (due to the platinum plating), but I would suggest ordering a size up and your local jeweler is able to insert a ‘sizer bar’ which can accommodate half sizes.


Thank you for your questions!