Deck the Halls...Like Lisa! Tips for Decorating Your Holiday Dream Home

by Lisa Robertson_1 on ‎11-06-2013 06:35 PM

How do professional decorators trim a tree or stage a mantel? How can you turn your home into a winter wonderland? Here are a few ideas.

I'm passionate about Christmas. And, I really do love decorating. Lots of you have seen videos of my home at the holidays from previous years. And, there are some questions I'm often asked about decorating in general. For example:

  • Where do you (and how do you know where to) start decorating?

I usually have a routine…I usually start in family room because it’s kind of the biggest room. Once that one’s decorated, I’m motivated to get everything else done. So do the same thing in your home. Start with the biggest job. Everything else won't seem quite as overwhelming after that.

  • Do you listen to music or watch a movie while you decorate?

I love to play Christmas favorites are Scrooge with Bill Murray, A Christmas Carol (the version with George C. Scott), and Polar Express. It’s only because I’ve seen the moves so many times that I’m able to get any decorating done. In fact, I pretty much recite the lines with the characters—it’s playing in my head even if my back is to the screen.

  • How often do you change your Christmas décor?

I don’t tend to change my decor dramatically because it’s a big investment. For me, I really decorate around a specific color palette and I do tend to tweak a few things each year. And, I always add some new things. But, once I find a color scheme, I keep it and build on it. I also try to invest in better quality décor pieces, which ensures it lasts. In fact, I have pieces that I've used for decades. Now, if you don’t want to have to worry about reusing and storing things, it makes sense to buy cheaper decorations.

  • What's the oldest decoration you have?

I have an ornament that was with my mother’s things—it’s a little toy solider (it kind of looks like a jack-in-the-box) and I actually I leave it out all year because it has sentimental value.


  • When should you say goodbye to Christmas decorations?

I’m not as good as letting things go as I should be...obviously if something’s damaged or if it’s the type of décor you haven’t used in years. Believe it or not, styles change in décor just like they do in fashion. It's not nearly as dramatic of course, but if you haven’t used that decoration and you can look at it and say, "that's just not where I am anymore," it’s time to let it go. It’s really good to make those kinds of decisions early because if something is in good shape, you can donate it for someone else to use it.

  • Name three things you have by your side when you decorate.

I always wear gloves because when you’re working with branches, garland, and ribbon with wire, it's easy to scratch your hands. I always have lots of ribbon nearby, because you can never have too much ribbon. And, the third thing is definitely the Christmas movies. Now, if there’s  also a little chocolate and Christmas cookies involved, then you know…it really only enhances the mood. I’m such a Christmas cookie person—I make mean cookies! But, only a few make it out of the house every year. Smiley Happy

Happy decorating! See you Friday for A Lisa Robertson Christmas 10pm ET.