Dear Mom: ‘I Love You’ and ‘Thank you’

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Hi my friends,


Last April I introduced my most personal design I’ve ever created for JAI Jewelry.  Our ‘I LOVE’ ring quickly became the best-selling JAI ring in our brand’s four-year history.


As the Creative Director of JAI Jewelry, I find myself traveling the world for weeks at a time.  As much as I love exploring and creating on behalf of JAI, I have to say, that after my daughter Olive was born I found it difficult to leave home.


I wanted to create something that would allow me to keep Olive with me no matter where in the world I was.  So I designed the ‘I LOVE’ ring. (The name ‘I LOVE’ is an anagram of Olive’s name).


The ring recreates the feeling of Olive’s little hand wrapped completely around my finger.  A symbol of the unbreakable bond that love creates.  It’s a beautiful reminder, that although Olive holds my hand for a moment in time, she has my heart forever.  On the inside of the ring, I engraved an open heart, where you can add the initials of your loved ones who hold your heart forever.  (My mom recently passed, so on the inside of my ring I engraved Olive’s initials and ‘Mom’)




Since its launch, I’ve received hundreds of pictures and heart-felt testimonials from people all over America about how the ring has touched their heart.  You’ve shared with me how deeply this ring has connected with you.  For me, the connection that I feel with each of you through my jewelry is why I create.  Thank you for that.




Over this past year, I’ve received many requests to design a cuff to go with the ‘I LOVE” ring. This Mother’s Day I’m excited to introduce the ‘I LOVE’ cuff.  The cuff features two hands that become one in the shape of a heart as it wrapped around your wrist in our signature Sukhothai design. 


Inspired by the international hand-heart symbol, this simple gesture symbolizes ‘I LOVE YOU’ and ‘THANK YOU’ for loving me without saying a word.




The cuff is my way to honor all the mom’s out there for all they’ve done.  A way to tell your daughter how proud you are for the amazing mother she’s become.  A beautiful way to tell your sister, friend, or that special person in your life how much they mean to you.  As for me, it’s a way to remember and honor my mom who has gone on to heaven.


As we get ready for the launch of this very special design, I wanted to share some of the stories and beautiful pictures that I’ve received over this past year from our JAI collectors who have fallen in love with the ‘I LOVE’ ring.  I invite you to enjoy the love, the memories, and the people who continue to inspire me every day.





Please share below the stories of your loved ones and who you wear your ‘I LOVE’ ring in honor of or who you will wear your ‘I LOVE’ cuff to celebrate.






I invite you to join me on Thursday, April 6th at 9pm ET on QVC2 as we launch the  ‘I LOVE’ cuff as the QVC2 BIG DEAL with a very special event price available for 24hrs. Deal ends Friday, April 7th at 8:59pm ET.






Also, we will be LIVE on the QVC FB page at noon ET on Friday, April 7th and with a chance to win our new ‘I LOVE’ cuffs to one of our lucky viewers who tune in during the chat.







I look forward to seeing you soon.  Until then, please join me on our FB: JAI Jewelry for QVC & IG: JAIJewerly_


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Thank you for bringing the beautiful jewelry,  and the touching pictures!

by Heart Inspector
on ‎04-07-2017 01:10 AM
Such beautiful jewelry from your 💗
Thank you for sharing
on ‎04-07-2017 09:20 AM

Such beautiful, sweet jewelry and a wonderful story. I love the pictures of all the strong women and families. Thank you for sharing.

on ‎04-20-2017 07:18 PM

Great pictures but the best one of all is your daughter.  She is precious.  Enjoy your spring and summer.Cat Very Happy

on ‎04-29-2017 03:12 PM

I haven't seen your jewelry shows, but will look for them. I must tell you if that little girl is yours thats holding your finger, she is just precious. Just a beautiful child. Eating her little brownie. How cute.