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Preparing my Pennsylvania home for my annual holiday open house is something I look forward to every year. I love to entertain, and a huge Christmas tree is always the centerpiece of my living room.

After 25 years of friendship and designing alongside Joan, she taught me great tips and tricks for holiday decorating and entertaining. When you combine beautiful décor, delicious food, and your friends and family, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing evening! I thought I would share how my tree went together this year and in my next post I will share pictures of the party.


DD & JR Santa Hats - JRW Office Christmas Party 2013.jpg

Joan Rivers Worldwide Office Christmas Party 2013


The first step to my Christmas decorating is the tree, of course! I’m lucky to live close to Christmas tree farms in Pennsylvania. While I usually cut the tree myself, this year the one I picked out was too big for me to handle. So big (at 12 feet!!!!) I had to have the guys from the tree farm stop by and help me set it in the stand!!!


Tree Prep Matrix.jpg

Roscoe keeping an eye on things!


DD on ladder with tree 2016.jpg

Well, it’s standing!


I love trimming my tree in all white lights and LOTS of them. I think this year’s tree has over 3,000 lights, all placed by yours truly!


Tree Lights Matrix.jpg


For many years I crafted my own tree topper. I’ve just never found one in the stores that I love. Hmmm…. I guess I will have to design one for QVC next year and solve that problem!


DD Tree Topper.jpg


Some of my favorite ornaments are the ones Joan and I created over the last 12 years. I have several sets from each year and really load my tree with them. They are so beautiful and each one brings back a special memory of working with Joan.  


DD, JR, Janie - Designing Ornaments.jpg

Designing ornaments with Joan


Boxes of Ornaments Matrix.jpg


As you can see from the pictures, I practice what I preach. The red satin boxes are the best way to store and protect them after the tree comes down. I also write the year on the bottom of each box so I store them correctly.

I’m kind of old school and really love the tradition of trimming my tree with ornaments that have meaning to me. Family treasures from my mom and my sisters are so dear to me.


DD Decorating Tree Matrix.jpg


DD Christmas Tree 2016.jpg

The finished product!


Here’s an easy way to use your Joan ornaments as part of a table setting. I’ve taken a simple class bowl and filled it with our Russian Inspired eggs in the regular and the mini size. Instant chic and perfect for a centerpiece on your dining table or coffee table.


Eggs In Glass Bowl Matrix.jpg


Joan taught me it’s most important to have fun at Christmas time. She was famous for her elaborate holiday parties, stunning live Christmas trees (one year it was over 18 feet tall!), and exquisite table settings. But most important to Joan (and to me) is surrounding yourself with people you love, taking a deep breath and appreciating how fortunate we truly are.


JR - Red Ornament Boxes NY Daily News Article.jpg

Joan always treated her holiday guests to a set of her Classics Collection Ornaments


I found this picture of a very early Christmas at QVC years ago!! That’s Joan’s sweet dogs Spike, Veronica and Lulu! (How we ever got those hats to stay on is beyond me….)


JR, Kathy, Spike, Veronica & Lulu- QVC Christmas.jpg


Roscoe Elf Costume Matrix.jpg

Well I had to include Roscoe as the Christmas Elf!


And of course, the tree wouldn’t be complete without our limited edition 2016 ornaments!


2016 Ornaments on DD Tree Matrix.jpg


I thought I would share a few pictures of my open house last year. Last year it was so warm out, we had fires going outside on the stone patio and in the fireplaces inside!

Surrounded by good friends and good food, what more could you ask for?


2015 Christmas Party Matrix.jpg


From my family to yours, I wish you a joyous, happy & healthy holiday season!


DD, Joy Sign, Roscoe Matrix.jpg



Monday, December 19th
6-7am Joan Rivers Classics Collection

Thursday, December 22nd
11-Midnight Joan Rivers Classics Collection






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have a wonderful party -  i guess my invitation got lost in the mail, heh heh!  will happily settle for your pix later.  merry merry happy happy-  and a wonderful 2017 to all.