Date Night!

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Recently our close friends invited us to an "After the Holiday's" party at their country club.  We happily accepted and packed up the kids for an overnight stay at grandma's house. 




The party was semi-formal so I found a chic black jumpsuit with a cape that seemed made for me.  But I’ll speak more to the jumpsuit later.   (Looking for Jumpsuit Inspiration, check here >> JUMPSUITS)


The food was yummy; the music kept us on the dance floor and our friends had us rolling from laughter all night!   It was a great night and what made it even better was knowing that we would be able to sleep in the next morning because we were kid free! 






We grooved to every line dance the DJ played, from the Cupid Shuffle to the Electric Slide, the Wobble and even the Whip and Nae Nae! 




I must have shaken my groove thing a little too hard though because at some point I split my pants!  I think it happened at the end of the party because no one brought it to my attention. I didn't discover the rip until I took it off at our hotel.  So it wasn't AS embarrassing as it could have been! 





{Lounging at the Hotel the next morning} 


The perfect ending to our date night was a stop at Vaccaro's bakery in Baltimore, to pick up one of my favorite treats.  Actually everything they serve is delicious; the cannoli’s, the cakes, the gelato and their mammoth éclairs.  The éclairs are the size of a half loaf of bread and it takes at least three days to finish it.  I guess this explains why I split my pants!









{YES!!!  Look at this Eclair!!}


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