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I am just back from an amazing trip to London! Two to three times a year, Janie (our VP of Design) and I shop for trends and inspiration in London and/or Paris. This is a tradition that Joan and I started years ago. It’s the best way to catch the trends in fashion and jewelry as they are just taking off and a great way to bring you new and fresh designs!


What a trip we had! The city was alive with fabulous color and trend. Color (lots and lots of color!!!) was all over the map, from brights to muted floral shades.




Electric street art off Carnaby Street.


Red White  Blue Mosaic .jpg


RED, WHITE and BLUE!!!! It’s going to be a huge story next spring!! And stripes, too!!!


Gingham  Liberty Mosaic.jpg


Gingham and floral prints were everywhere!!


No trip to London would be complete without a morning browsing for antiques and people watching on Portobello Road. I have wonderful memories of going with Joan at dawn and finding incredible vintage jewelry inspiration.


DD Portobello Road May 2016.JPG






I am always delighted when I find vintage Joan Rivers pieces alongside the major designers!! Joan would love it!!


And, in honor of another “Joan tradition”, we attended the theater as well. Joan and I must have taken at least 50 trips to London over the years and we always made sure to catch a show or two!!




We saw this amazing production of The Maids (the lead actress played Lady Edith on Downton Abbey)!!




I also caught an extraordinary show at The National Portrait Gallery featuring portraits from the golden age of Russian composers. Joan would have adored this.




This is what jetlag and a martini do to me!!! (Almost fell in the fountain!!)


And a bittersweet moment on our way to the hotel: Joan’s London driver of many years, Patrick, informed me that the hotel we were staying at was the very same hotel that Joan stayed in on her last visit to her beloved London. For some reason, she wasn’t at The Ritz (her London home away from home) but was with her friend Cindy Adams, and they were guests of Café Royal Hotel. I’m not a superstitious guy, but how did we pick that very same hotel out of all the great hotels in London???! I felt Joan’s presence the entire time…


Joan  Janie - Cafe Royal.jpg


Janie posing a la Joan at our London hotel. The weather (as you can see) was 80 degrees and sunny every day! The Brits were very confused!




And I met an adorable bull terrier outside of Harvey Nichols. Made me miss my Roscoe!!




Hey Dad!!! I like fashion, too!!!!!


One last update. Joan’s estate will be auctioned by Christie’s in NYC on June 22. We will be presenting a very special hour of jewelry at QVC with highlights from the auction (and an exclusive QVC edition of the catalog with a foreword by Melissa Rivers!!) on June 23. I hope you can join me then.






Saturday, May 21th    
7-10am AM Style


Monday, May 23rd  FASHION DAY!!

1-2am Joan Rivers Classics Collection
5-6am Joan Rivers Classics Collection
1-3pm Joan Rivers Classics Collection
6-7pm Joan Rivers Classics Collection


Saturday, May 28th    
7-10am AM Style


Friday, June 3rd     
2-3am Joan Rivers Classics Collection
7-9pm Joan Rivers Classics Collection


Thursday, June 23rd     
11-Midnight Joan Rivers Classics Collection ALL JEWELRY HOUR!!


Thursday, June 30th     
5-7am Joan Rivers Classics Collection
4-6pm Joan Rivers Classics Collection






See all of the great Joan River's Classics Collections at QVC> click HERE

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I love that you and Joan had a tradition of going to the theater and that you've continued that.

by aprileyes
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I love reading your blogs !!   It gave my chills reading that you picked the same Hotel that Joan did the last time she stayed there. Her presence is still alive with all of us fans !!  Keep up the great work that you are doing with the collection.




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i felt i was along with you on the trip.  i just got a notification from the WSJournal about a preview of the Joan Christie event.  can hardly wait for that and the special jewelry show.  i hope there are some retrospective type pieces - but will enjoy any and all.   speaking of Liberty  my mother always got some beautiful scarves there.  any chance of incorporating some of those looks into the line?   anyway, welcome home.  i am sure Roscoe is a happy fella now

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Another enjoyable blog.  They are always such an interesting read.

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Hi David,


Loved your London tour, but your Roscoe was the best ! I so enjoy you on the Q.



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Your blogs are always top notch ~ interesting, great pics and engaging!  You have made Joan proud as you continue traditions that the two of you started.  Can't wait to see you on the Q ~

Maybe a guest appearance one day.........................Roscoe? 

Woof : )

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David, you do such a great job and have fun doing it! Thank you for posting your photos. Love the display of Joan's jewelry in the store window.

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David..I love love your spirit and energy.  You make so many smile with that energy.

Joan is gleeming with pride on you....YOU , sir, be proud of what you give the viewers at QVC.

You make us look and feel good about ourselves.

You are family here at the Q, David, never forget it !

by margot123
on ‎05-25-2016 07:24 PM

Thank you, David! Brilliant.