{ Behind the Scenes } LOGO's Live Audience Show

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Hi, it's Jessie here from the LOGO team! Live audience shows aren't an often thing, but more of an extra-special fun event. I've been on the Lori Goldstein team for a little over a year now and this was my very first live audience show. All I can say is wow!! The energy, the amazing LOGOfied ladies that attended, and getting to meet some of you was simply AMAZING!


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As usual on Saturday afternoon, Lori & Sharon were there to show you gorgeous LOGO styles, but instead we had a crowd cheering while dressed to impress in their LOGOfied looks. I acted as the audience correspondent, interviewing the guests and learning all about their gorgeous outfits! Talk about a dream job!


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Another thing I was up to: taking over the QVC Snapchat to take you behind the scenes of the exciting day.


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After the two-hour show (yup, it was two whole hours!) Lori and I got to meet so many of you! Lori posed for pics and signed books, while I got to walk through the long line of our amazing LOGO ladies and greet them, take pics, and chat about style, of course!


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It was seriously the coolest day ever, especially meeting some of you that I've gotten to chat with on Facebook and Instagram. My most favorite part of the day though, had to be having family in the audience! My mom came to visit the show and having her there was the absolute best! She's one of my biggest supporters and used to stay up all night to listen to me on the radio when I first started working in broadcast. She often wakes up now in the middle of the night to catch me on QVC, so it was really great that she got to see me in action and she finally got to meet Lori. Speaking of which, my mom absolutely LOVED meeting her. She thought Lori  was so sweet and so genuine, and she totally is.




 { Introducing to my family to Lori: Left to Right: Dianna, My Mom Fran, Lori, Jessie (aka me!), and my Aunt Annette. }


The other ladies pictured are like my second moms. The one in the pink is my boyfriend’s mom Dianna & the cute brunette next to me is my Godmother and  Aunt Annette. What a treat it was to have them there. It really made it extra special.


Speaking of moms, it’s almost Mother’s Day! We’ve got lot’s of LOGO coming up this weekend.


Tune in this Saturday (1-3pm) for Lori's show and join in on the fun over on the QVC Style Facebook page, where I'll be live chatting and the topic is Mother’s Day themed. Share your #LOGOfied look and you may see it show up on TV! Lori will also be on AM Style and then back on Mother’s Day with a LOGO show @ 11pm. You can catch me on QVC+ on Mother’s Day from 12-1pm.


What an amazing first year it has been for me to be a part of Lori's wonderful team. I am SO looking forward to more to come with LOGO and chatting with more of you! Hope you can join us for Saturday’s Facebook chat!


Xoxo, Jessie




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Enjoyed the Live LOGO show!  Great job everyone : )

by Buddy2005
on ‎05-09-2016 03:13 PM

I was so happy to be apart of the Live Studio Audience show on 4-23-16 it was amazing from beginning to end!  Lori and Jessie are absolute dolls, very kind and down to earth,  they took the time to speak to each of us, take pics and Lori even signed my Lori Goldstein book.  Sharon is a fabulous host, she took the time to speak with the audience before the show started. The QVC staff is amazing and the models took time to speak with the audience when they could.   It was a very memorable day for me!!  I love my LOGO!!!!!  


P.S Check me out in the pic above in the yellow TSV in buttercup, and the striped tunic (also on the Q) vintage Im sure by now. LOL.  Thanks Lori and Jessie for all your hard work, I look forward to adding to my growing LOGO wardrobe!! 


Keep Smiling,


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@Buddy2005 ~~ How cool that your pic is in the blog!!  Rockin' the LOGO!!

by Mumzy
on ‎05-17-2016 04:42 PM

I love the LOGO Lounge line and wish you would do more with short sleeves and asymmetrical hems.