Behind the Scenes At A Live Show and A Very Special Family

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I was really excited to do a meet and greet and then a live audience show! I've done many in my history at QVC and it has always been such a joy to meet our amazing customers, get to hear about their lives and their experiences with Earth! I know this, and should not be surprised that our consumers listen and really get to know us. Even more so with social media, so I should not have been so surprised when meeting Deb and her family.


Because my mom, Martha, has done cooking videos with me that have run on Christmas Day on QVC, many people are familiar with her. They still email me to tell me they make her pinwheel cookies and still use her cheesecake recipe!  I have shared my story in regards to my mom having Alzheimer's both live on QVC and social media. But when Deb approached me at the meet and greet prior to our live show, I was overwhelmed, touched and kind of over taken when she told me she brought her mom who also suffers from Alzheimer's.


These shared life experiences with our customers are really the evidence of the power of the human experience and the human spirit. It's overwhelming, but it also makes me realize me and my family are not alone in this! 


It was so powerful in the moment and still is as I write this today. 






Debbie was so kind and shared the story of her day in QVC's Community forums. Here is what she wrote;




SO nice, right?!! But there's more. I wanted to share the fun we had that day too!


Meeting Debbie's wonderful family




Meeting Debbie's mom touched my heart


In case you missed our live show and Debbie's on-air debut, here is the video. I know you'll agree with me she did a fabulous job!



A lovely note and gift I will treasure always!



Thank you Deb for traveling to QVC so I could meet you, your hubby and your mother! You made my heart grow by three times that day.


Many blessings-Sally



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Debzzzzzzzz and Sally,

You're the best!!

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I love you Sally, it is truly a magical moment when one soul recognizes its counterpoint in another. I'm so glad you liked your special rocks. I fgured from one earth gal to another you would get it.

I will read this blog to my Mom and you will make her day once again. Thank you for being you Sally, you are truly an inspiration to me and when I posted about my live audience experience I found out you are also an inspiration to others as well.


Blessings to you and your family dear one.


Deb & Family



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@Earth_Brands, dear sally,


i totally adore you, & think you're really a sweet & kind person with a very gentle & giving heart. i'm sorry to say that although i can't afford "earth brand" shoes, i always watch the presentations just so that i can see you. i think you do an excellent job on your presentations. and when you're not there, i turn it off.


unfortunately, i noticed lately you have not been on & i hope you're ok, & will be back soon. your're greatly missed. your post was very touching, & my prayers go out to you & your mother.


and yes i remember the cooking segments you & your mom did for the holidays. they were enjoyable. take care sweet lady, i wish the best for

you & your mom.  

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Wonderful, thank you Sally, and Earth Brands and QVC, for sharing this story, and reminding us ALL of what is truly important.