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Before + After’s with Jill Martin’s Closet Makeover

by on ‎09-24-2013 01:05 PM

 My big show is today at 4pm ET and I am bursting to show everyone my new pieces. I take “Fall Cleaning” very seriously. I think you should start each season fresh & new and I live by that rule also. When I tested all my new products (which I do every time), I re-organized my closet to make sure a full makeover was possible…and it is…and it’s easy. I feel so much better after cleaning. I can see everything perfectly. Because IF YOU DON’T SEE IT –YOU ARE NOT GOING TO WEAR IT! That is the rule…so if you don’t have enough room to see ALL of your pieces…some have GOTTA GO! There are key items that I have created that will make an instant difference and change your life. They will give you an easier time getting ready in the morning & you will feel better & more put-together throughout the day. I challenged two FAB mommy bloggers see if they could whip their closets into shape with just a few items from my line…..check ‘em out!


Before + After

Tammy from A Mom In Red High Heels - WOW you did an amazing job! It’s amazing how just a few pieces can change your closet and in essence change your life. 


To all looking to purge and reorganize:


FIRST OF ALL look at what a difference the hangers make!  I designed them to give you more room in your closet – umm who doesn't need more room?! These hangers are so thin & are non-slip so you will gain 70% more room in your closet if you ditch those plastic, wood & silk hangers. PLUS- I think when you open the door to your closet in the morning you should feel like you are shopping in your own personal store. This look is so uniform! I am thrilled with this transformation. Next up let’s add a few lace hangers for your favorite pieces! 


NOW the collapsible ottoman comes flat but Tammy took two seconds to put it together and now it fits a whole season of clothing!  When fall comes around and summer is in the rear view mirror (boo!) move your shorts and tees into this chic storage bin (I did the EXACT same thing with mine). Plus it is strong enough to sit on or to use as an ottoman! Arriba! 


Lastly, the shoe bags and garments bags really make a huge difference. The garment bag with the dress/coat on it was the first piece I came up with. I think it gives you a little personality while you are traveling but ALSO looks fab just hanging in your room or closet. The shoe bags let you know what shoes are what since the outside has a picture of the shoe! Just FYI-- these make amazing gifts. Every single person I give them to immediately transfer their shoes in! 


I am so thrilled with this makeover Tammy, keep it up! And remember one item comes in, one comes out. That's how you keep a beautiful closet...beautiful! 




Before + After

Next up is Whitney from Mommies with Style – wowza, what a difference!  I am so excited to see this. Not only are your shoes not taking up room on the floor, now you have a home for each pair! Ahhhh what a feeling! (Picture Flashdance!)

To all shoe lovers:
What makes THIS shoe bag different than all other bags? It’s multifunctional. First, it holds 16 pairs of shoes, that's a pair for each slot. Other ones on the market do not have deep pockets like this one and often hold only one shoe. I can fit 3 pairs of flip-flops in one slot and I wear a size 9! The pattern is also fab.  I designed these so you can have this in a room and feel like it is stylish AND functional - not just a plastic piece hanging there. Isn't the lace romantic?

Other uses for this organizer:

My mom uses it for wrapping paper, ribbons and cards; my best friends daughter uses it for toys; and my college roommate uses it for her bathroom products. It’s also great in a dorm room....oh and one more thing! I use it to organize my tights!

Bravo Whitney! Enjoy your new closet - you took a STEP in the right direction. Ha!


Tell me – what tips + tricks do you have for organizing your closet?