Antonella's Ceramic Tree SPECTACULAR!!!

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Hi everyone!


I posted this blog last year with all the gorgeous pictures of your own ceramic trees that you shared with me.  It was my CERAMIC TREE SHOWCASE!! You told me your stories and showed me how you decorate with each of your trees.  I wanted to reshare it today because we are offering our own Ceramic Christmas Tree this year for Christmas in July.  As a matter of fact, it is your choice of 1 tabletop tree in white or green OR (2) mini trees in white or green.











Imagine adding a few of these to the trees you already own and creating your own custom forest... so cute!


Ok - here's all of the pictures you shared with me:




Ali F. and her dog ceramic tree!! 


Ali F. dog tree.jpg


Carmela C. 


Carmela C..jpg


Carol M. 


Carol M..jpg


Cathy E. 


Cathy E..jpg


Darlene F. 


Darlene F..jpg


Deb H.- this is her mom's ceramic tree that her mom made in a ceramic class!!! Stories like this are so special!!


Deb H. mom in ceramic class.jpg


Dee M.- her mother in law made this tree 37 years ago!

Dee M. mother in law 37 years ago.jpg 

Donna G. made this tree all by herself and it even has a musicbox!!! 


Donna G. made it herself witha music box.jpg


Elaine P. 


Elaine P..jpg


Gina G. 


Gina G..jpg


 Hallie H. 


Hallie H..jpg


Heather B. 


Heather B..jpg


Karen H. got this tree at QVC!!! 


Karen H. from qvc.jpg


Kelly S. 


Kelly S..jpg


Kim P. - this was her Grandmother's which was passed down to her!!


Kim P- Grandmothers.jpg

Lorraine S.


Lorraine S..jpg


Lorrie M. 


Lorrie M..jpg



I loved them just as much this time as the first time I saw them... I hope you do too!


If you didn't get to share your pictures last year, please do so now!  I would love to see them!!!