A Vision To Feel Nourished

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A Vision To Feel Nourished


We’ve been on a journey this year to re-define the concept of glamour. Glamour often gets tied to one’s outward appearance, but it’s so much more! Glamour is about shining bright, from the inside, out. The most glamorous women I know and admire in the world are kind and compassionate, fun and filled with life, stylish and beautiful in their own right, purposeful in their thoughts and actions, and they live in a state of constant gratitude. These are women who give to others with all of their hearts, day in and day out.


Being this glamorous woman takes work! So, what’s her secret? What’s the magic to being truly glamorous?  


She takes care of herself. She understands to really give to others, to her work and to the world around her — she has to feel her best. This doesn’t just mean she exercises and eats well (although that’s definitely a part of it)!


It means she feels… nourished.


I truly believe a large part of living a glamorous life is working day in and day out to fill your body, mind, and soul with the things that make you happy, that make you feel healthy, and the things that bring you back to feeling grounded in your values and morals so you can show up authentically in everything that you do. When you take care of yourself, you have bright eyes and a glamourous attitude. You feel good, you listen better, you look beautiful and you put out energy that attracts positive people to you.


This month, we’re excited to explore feeling nourished with all of you!


To kick off this theme, we wanted to invite you to create A Vision To Feel Nourished, as the act of creative expression is a large part of this theme! I did this fun, inspiring activity this weekend with a dear family friend, Shakuntala Zakheim, who is a force of love and creativity! I not only wanted to share my board with all of you to inspire you to create one of your own (and please share it back with me!), but I wanted to share our process with you, as the act of creating this board was truly a nourishing experience.






1. Take Time to Visualize. 
In what ways do you feel most nourished? Where do you need more nourishment in your life? Feel free to free write on the topic, filling a paper with any words or thoughts that come to mind as you begin to bring into focus what nourishment is for you. To help you get started, we created a list of 54 ways to #feelnourished every day to spark inspiration

I took some time to visualize how I feel most nourished before getting started on my board. First and foremost, quality time with my family brings me such joy, which is why I put them in the center (or the heart!) of my board. Surrounding my family, I feel most nourished when I am designing denim that helps you feel great in your skin and empowers you to step outside your comfort zone in your style — and in your life. I also feel nourished when I live in a state of joy and stop and smell the roses, every day.



2. Get creative!
Find images, quotes, words — you name it — that inspire you! Find materials that excite you. Paints, pencils, poster board, fabric stickers, anything lying around the house is great to use.


For my board, I used a mix of quotes, inspiring images from magazine, beautiful illustrations, personal keepsakes and more. I also wanted to incorporate physical pieces of my denim, as this jean (and all of you who I’ve met through my denim line!) nourishes my soul.


laurie felt blog 2.jpg


3. Follow Your Intuition (and Have Fun!)

Part of feeling nourished is to express yourself in a way that feels true to who you are. Vision boards can come to life in so many ways, so we’re put together a Feel Nourished: Vision Board Collection in our Closed Facebook Heartfelt Community to give you more ideas! It’s great to get inspired by others, but it’s important to create something that feels true to you and is an expression of your creativity. Don’t forget to have fun, blast music to set the mood you want to create and involve your friends!


To express my style and creativity, I wanted to create a board with soft, inspiring colors that make me feel happy and calm at the same time, which is why I worked with a soft sky blue and hints of purple. I also wanted to keep the board a bit simple as opposed to a heavy collage with lots of detail, as simplicity more so reflects my personal aesthetic when it comes to my space and my style!


felt blog 3.jpg


I hope this activity brings you as much joy as it brought me. I’d love to see what you create and hear about your experience. Feel free to post a photo, a short video or a blurb on our Heartfelt wall sharing about your experience and using the hashtag #feelnourished! We’ll be shining light on everyone’s Feel Nourished Vision Boards in a gallery to inspire others all month long!