A Reminder to be Grateful

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A couple of years ago, my best girlfriend of 37 years (Timi) decided that every day during the month of November she would say something on Facebook that she was thankful for.



[Timi & I]


Well not to be outdone, and because I thought it was a great idea, I decided to do the same thing. My dear mom reminded me of this a couple of days ago, and it got me thinking.



 [Me and Mom]


At this time of year it's typical for us to count off the things we're grateful for, and it's usually the same stuff... my family, my great friends, my health.




And of course, those ARE important things to stop and be thankful for because there are many who don't have those things, but what about the tiny things? What about the things you have to dig a little deeper to realize you should be grateful for? Anyway, I wanted to re-share what I wrote a couple of years ago, because it has re-inspired me! I hope it leads you to discover that there are often more things to be grateful for than meets the eye. 


Thinking of something every day to be grateful for should be really easy right? I mean I consider myself to be extremely blessed. I know for a fact that I have a bazillion things to be thankful for, but weird thoughts started to creep into my head like… what kind of things should I say, what if I forget to post on one day, what if I run out of things that are “important” enough to say? These are all gobbledegook ideas that I think we all (ok maybe only some of us) run through when we make a side bar commitment to ourselves. Well come to find out, I shouldn’t have had those crazy thoughts. In fact, the whole “exercise” has changed my life. I know it sounds weird, but stick with me here. I started out with a big thanks… to all of those working to restore normalcy to those affected by Hurricane Sandy, and then I jumped to silly things, like chocolate covered cashews at 10:00 a.m. and then some in-between things, like authors who write books that feed my soul… but along the way a wondrous thing happened. I started LOOKING FORWARD to picking something in my life that I’m thankful for each day. And coming from that “little” place of gratitude has just completely changed my perspective… on everything. It’s like I now look at every moment through a lens of gratitude. Like the color orange (which covers my kitchen and living room walls) has always made me happy, but now I’m honestly thankful for its existence. Or my new dear friends at Q who make the place feel like “home” even though I’ve only been here for two years, or the overwhelming joy of new love (congratulations Shawn Killinger), or the profound privilege of voting. All of these things, and a bazillion others, deserve a moment of thanks. And even further, when I have a tough day, for whatever reason, I now turn the crystal and look for what I can be thankful for in that, or a similar situation. I don’t mean to be preachy, and I know that we all lead busy lives, and we can all easily say, “I’m thankful” every day. But here’s what I’ve learned… it’s the intention to BE thankful that has the power to uplift in immeasurable ways. So here’s my suggestion to you… make a “gratitude” jar, and every day, write a reason to be thankful on a piece of paper and drop it in the jar. I think you’ll find that the exercise changes things for you too. Oh, and before I forget, I’m thankful for you…. my QVC community… who make my life so much fun every single day. 



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Funny you should mention chocolate-covered cashews, Rachel!  Just before I read that, I was thinking about a chocolate-covered doughnut I had the other day.  I never eat doughnuts, so it was quite a treat. 


I think I'll give it a try.  I tend to get aggravated by small things and only realize how small they are when something big happens to me or someone I know.  This is a good antidote to that.  I've always found that you can get children to do what you ask when you praise even small steps in that direction rather than getting mad at them.  Is this the same principle applied to yourself?  It kind of reminds me of that. 

If I start now, maybe I'll have a head start on my New Year's resolutions.  Those generally go by the wayside by Jan. 15.

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We always go around the table at Thanksgiving and say what we are grateful for.  The adults are predictable - spouse, health, good food.  The children are so sincere - this year - "Jesus, the cats, daddy, mommy, America, pumpkin pie.

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What a GREAT reminder to be thankful.  It's so easy to complain and pick out the negative thing from the day.  I'm going to make more of an effort to be grateful for things.

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You are a very sweet person.