A Beautiful LCNY Crochet Cardigan with Tank & a Blog Chat 5/31 at 9 am ET!

by on ‎05-30-2013 04:51 PM

Hello my LCNY FASHIONISTAS... Can you believe Memorial Day has come and gone? Yikes! Time is flying by and summer has begun.  So I am going to share a moment, stay with me because as usual it ties things together.  I went with Sarah for her first bridal gown fitting on Tuesday.  What a moment.  So she is putting the gown on and I flash back to her as a newborn, ever so perfect, her first day of kindergarten with her new shoes on, and a lovely crooked smile, senior prom looking like a princess off to the ball, dressed in her first suit heading out the door to her new job, and as she turns around I am breathless. My first born stunningly beautiful and a gushing bride to be.  She asks "mom?". My reply... all the thoughts I just stated running through my mind the only answer I could come up with was "I love you Sarah, you are beautiful".  Wow... ok move on to the rest of the week...

An awesome two hour show with MBR and you of course.  Now getting ready for an amazing crochet cardigan with tank! To be honest I am nervous and sooooooo excited, just like Sarah I cannot wait for you to see it and hear the story behind this beautiful cardigan.  As you know, Kari, part of the design team in New York, hand crochets.  She is extremely talented.  This particular cardigan has been in the works for awhile.  She hand crocheted the piece in the picture below and like they say the rest was history.

Everyone fell in love.  From the three different stitches and the covered buttons it is a work of art.  I am so proud of Kari and our design team.  It is kind of like watching the swatch of crochet mature throughout the past 18 months from kindergarten to prom and now here is the big day.  I hope you give it a try.  This item is a great way to get your LCNY on.  I look forward to being with you all day on Friday.  An hour at MIDNIGHT, two hours at 9am ET, and another at 5pm ET, with some hits in between.  As always I thank you for your support I could not do this without you. P.s. I told you I would tie the two stories together.

Linda Smiley Happy