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zoya, farmhouse fresh

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So, the other day I posted about a farmhouse fresh promotion and it was late and l thought I forgot to hit post because I couldn't find that post anywhere the next day.  No trace.  So I posted it again but that disappeared also. Now I assume they were erased because there was a promotion code I wrote.  So, I do want to say, that farmhouse fresh has a promotion through the 21st, which I thought was pretty good - free full size shea butter body cream with order but I won't post the code.  It doesn't list the code on the website.  If you're interested you could sign up for their mailings and more than likely you will receive the email.  or you could message them, I suppose.  Sorry, this is awkward.  Would love to easily tell you.  Also, received an email from zoya and they are having a 70% off sale.  code is not listed on the website.  through the 24th.  you can sign up for their mailings and hopefully they will send you the email, or ask them directly if you're interested.



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Thanks, I usually buy Zoya on ebay.