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wow...i usually know what to do but this time

i have suffered with oily acnectic skin since i was 15. long story short, at 55 i still have oily acnetic skin. i have managed to keep it pretty clear & under control, but omg for the last 4 days, i've been dealing with a HUGE blind pimple on my chin, kind of toward the righ of my mouth so it's very, very visible. it is so large, that area of my face is somewhat swollen. it will not go away, despite applying heat, ice, drawing agents, etc. i have a meeting at work tomorrow where i gotta talk...i'm dying. i want to call out sick, which is NOT like me. has anyone got any ideas of how to at least reduce it??? i refuse to pop it...been there done that. they get angrier & larger. {#emotions_dlg.scared} thanks !