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top 8 moisturizers by consumer reports

the list below was in this month's shop smart magazine (consumer reports w/o ads).

these 8 lotions were top in the tests, all did a good job, leaving skin slightly more moisturized after 5 hours than all of the moisturizers cr tested. all of them except eucerin had no scent or a slight floral aroma; eucerin had a noticeable foral, perfumey smell.

all took a while to rub in except gold bond, which went on quickly.

the list:

1. cetaphil moisturizing lotion

2. eucerin daily skin balance skin-fortifying body lotion

3. aveeno active naturals daily moisturizing lotion (fewest chemicals)

4. nivea express hydration daily lotion

5. gold bond ultimate healing skin therapy lotion aloe

6. vaseline total moisture conditioning body lotion

7. equate moisturizing lotion (walmart)

8. suave advanced therapy body lotion (bargain buy)